Municipality of Tirana presents 4 new souvenirs of the city

Two months ago the Municipality of Tirana announced the competition “Draw Tirana” (Vizato Tiranën). More than 40 artists featured their work and only 4 of them were selected as winners. ...


Inspiring story of a 90 year old man, a citizen model for Tirana

What a 90 years old man would do with his savings? In Tirana we have seen a rare example these days, when a 90 year old man used his money to restore and paint the whole building where he lives. But ...


The memorial of the truck that broke the wall of communism

Albanians are not afraid anymore to talk about their dark history under communism. The young generations here and the rest of the world need to know what happened 25 - 50 years ago in this country. ...


Tourism in Tirana under communist regime

Who is curious about tourism during communist regime in Albania? Well that time Albania was truly isolated. But this doesn't mean we don't have tourists. Most of visitors came from other communists ...


What to do in July in Tirana

July is hot, but you can experience a lot, because Tirana is a city that never sleeps.

This month is usually the hottest month in Albania. And if you decide to visit Tirana this period you have ...


Remodeling the Albanian bunkers ruin into a cultural space

Albanians are optimistic people, despite their bitter history in communism regime a quarter century ago. The most memorable thing remained from communism past are bunkers, which are spread all over ...


Serbian TV - Tirana, a city with young people and lively nightlife

Many Serbians are visiting Tirana this year. They like Albanian capital, considering it a modern city, with young people, who are very friendly. They don't mind about the past, but just enjoying ...


A new boulevard towards the modern Tirana

The first segment of New Boulevard was inaugurated in Tirana on 20th of June. The former Railway Station located at the end of King Zog Boulevard also known as “Stacioni i Trenit”, is its ...


Scanderbeg Square, a huge space is back to citizens

Scanderbeg square reopened on Saturday, 10th of June, in a great atmosphere, never seen in Tirana for many years. It had triggered curiosity to that extent that people couldn’t wait to see it. ...


Nina Astrom, the well-known Finnish singer performs in Tirana

She is from far cold Finland, but her voice is so warm and her words so heartfelt. Once you hear, you will fall in love with her voice, her face and words. Her name is Nina Astrom, a well-known singer ...


What to do in June in Tirana

Finally the summer is here. June is the month when mostly of Albanians start planning vacations. Some of them use this month to start their holidays, because the prices are lower than July and August. ...


Tirana has its new Olympic Park

Tirana has now its New and Only Olympic Park inaugurated on 4 June 2017 with a basketball match between ex-players from the National Teams from Albania and  Kosovo. The Prime Minister Edi Rama ...

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