Tirana Foto Festival

Tirana Foto Festival organizohet për herë të parë, dhe ka për qëllim promovimin e Tiranës nëpërmjet artit të fotografisë. Festivali do të ...


“Balkanika Folk Festival 2018” for the first time in Tirana

“Balkanika Folk Festival 2018” is an event which is organizing for the first time in Tirana, Albania. More than 300 artists from 12 countries marched yesterday in the center of Tirana, dancing ...


Here are the Winners of #TiranaSummer2018

Visit Tirana announced at Reja.al on September 13th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaSummer2018. The event was organized by Manderina Promotions a PR agency, which manages VisitTirana.

This ...


A day to Pellumbas Cave, the oldest human settlement in Tirana

Pellumbas Cave is situated 25 km far from Tirana. It is one of the oldest settlement in Tirana region, belonging to the Palaeolithic period, 30 000-50 000 years ago. 

It was discovered in ...


Festa n’ Shesh, an annual wine Festival in Tirana

Tirana has now its yearly ‘Wine festival’, which was organized for the first time in the village Shesh, where is the origin of unique variety of grapes in Albania  “Shesh i Bardhe” ...


First International Kite Festival in Tirana

Today was the opening day of International Kite Festival in Tirana, Albania. The Festival was held at Grand Park Tirana, on the other side of the lake, were families were gathered on this beautiful ...


What to do in September in Tirana

Why September is great in Tirana!

The life returns to normal routine in Tirana after summer vacations. People are coming home, starting to work, and kids are preparing for school. As for ...


One day in Tujani Canyon, 10 km from Tirana

Tirana is full of surprises. since its surroundings are still not fully explored. After 2015 the city has new boundaries, (new decentralisation reform) including many villages, and a spectacular natural ...


Shkodra's music night in Tirana

Last night the Amphitheater of Tirana buzzed from urban songs of Shkodra. Shkodra has many renowned artists, and it is also called the cultural city of Albania. The greatest Shkodra’s artists: ...


The rising of the health tourism in Albania

It is no surprise to hear that many foreigners, mostly Italians, come to Tirana, Albania to receive dental services and aesthetic surgery. The recent statistics show that each year more than 1500 foreign ...


The areas in Tirana, known only by locals

The citizens of Tirana know some areas that foreigners don’t know. They even can’t find these areas on the map. It is strange for them if a local says lets meet at Selvia, or at Medreseja, ...


A piece of China in Tirana

The Grand Park is really a relaxing place in the metropolitan Tirana and there are plenty of spots where you can have a moment of peace. Another attraction will be added to the Grand Park, where will ...

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