Tracking the traces of Skanderbeg

A calendar full with cultural and historic activities is planed during all this year, for the 550th anniversary of death of the National Hero of Albanians, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. If you are in ...


What to do in January in Tirana

January, as a first month of the year, comes full of energy and life for people living in Tirana city. It is cold but this doesn’t mean that you can’t go out to enjoy the nature and the ...


Our 10 most popular stories of 2017

Visit Tirana tourism portal was launched a year ago and the number of visitors has increased from day to day. Our website is providing news and articles for Tirana in three languages ...


Ku të festojmë pas mesnate në 31 Dhjetor në Tiranë?

Pas darkës së madhe me familjarët dhe miqtë të rinjtë shqiptarë e kanë kthyer tashmë në traditë që pas orës 12:00 të festojnë ...


Dine in style on New Year’s Eve in Tirana


Dine in style, party the night at some the best restaurants in Tirana. Tirana offers plenty opportunities. Check our top recommendations on where to eat best turkey in town on New Year’s ...


New Year’s Eve tradition in Albania

The dinner for New Year’s Eve is really a long tradition for Albanians. Differently from other European countries who celebrate Christmas in family, for Albanians the New Year's Eve dinner is ...


Where to dine for Christmas in Tirana

Eating is probably the best pleasure in life, and Tirana is positioning itself as a culinary heaven. If you are looking for reasons to visit Tirana during Christmas time, here you have a strong one. ...


Winners of #TiranaAutumn2017 photo contest

Visit Tirana announced last night, on December 15th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaAutumn2017. The event organized by Manderina Promotions agency, which owns Visit Tirana.

 In a nice ...


Mountains Day celebrated in Dajti Mountain in Tirana

World Mountain Day was celebrated in a festive festival this Sunday at Dajti Mountain, Tirana. Citizens from all over the country took part in the activities organized by Tirana Municipality in Dajti ...


The story behind National Youth Day in Albania

Albania is celebrating the Youth Day every 8 December. It is a day remembering the student’s protests in the early years of 1990 against dictatorial regime of Enver Hoxha. Students of what was ...


Top 5 restaurants in Tirana

Albanian culinary is getting a high reputation around the world for its unique flavour and delicious recipes. Many bloggers are writing articles about our traditional cuisine, praising the traditional ...


Twelfth Night of Shakespeare ‘returns’ to Illyria

What country is this?' - asks Viola in William Shakespeare's play “Twelfth Night”. 'This is Illyria, lady,' replies her shipwrecked captain after their ship was sunken ...

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