International Women´s Day in Tirana

 8 March is the International Women´s Day. The theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange, and a number of activities are going to be organized everywhere in many countries of the world.  ...


Things to do in Tirana in March!

The month of March as spring buzzer is expected always with joy in Tirana. With the daylight saving time people have more opportunities to go out and do recreational activities. The blossom of flowers ...


Chasing the colorful buildings of Tirana

Tirana already has the reputation of a colorful city for its painted buildings. The city had a face lift  face when Prime Minister Edi Rama (then former mayor of Tirana) had the idea to transform ...


National Theatre of Opera and Ballet will relocate to another building

The Minister of Culture, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro during a press conference, declared that on February 20, 2017 the staff of the opera, orchestras and test rooms will be shifted to Kinostudio (former Albanian ...


Mendohu Xhakomino, theater show that broke audience records

Theater show is very preferred by Albanians. This is due to the fact that citizens can see on stage their favorite actors, but  also because the themes of theatrical pieces are quite connected ...


Valentines Day in Tirana, a day to show love or to show off?

The 14th February is a “shaking” day Tirana, a tendency that Albanians are eager to follow. Many young people have marked this day in their calendar, and generally make plans ...


Bike tour into nature and tradition of Farka

A bike tour was organized by the Tourism Directory of the Municipality of Tirana in collaboration with Albania off Road Cycling aimed at promoting the itinerary of Farka village. A young group of boys ...


Remembering Holocaust Memorial Day in Tirana

27th of January is Holocaust Memorial Day, a day when everyone should remember one of the worst atrocities against humanity, the persecution of Jews by Nazi, during World ...


The Revival of the Pyramid of Tirana

The Pyramid of Tirana now is officially open for the public. The Mayor of Municipality of Tirana, Mr. Veliaj, held the ceremony on January 20th, where hundreds curious people gathered inside ...


Enjoying Snow in Tirana

Winter time can’t be complete without snow. And Tirana is a lucky city, because even though it might not snow in the city it does in its suburb and mountainous area, so anyone can enjoy the white ...


Shkelzen Doli and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra amazed Albanians

Absolutely a magic concert the one that Albanian famous violinist Shkelzen Doli performed with Vienna Philharmonic Ensemble at Palace of Congresses in Tirana in 2nd of January. The concert held one ...


After Midnight New Year’s Eve party

Tirana is a lively city, just like all other European capitals.  But the city warm up especially during the New Year night, when all the young people go out on the streets to celebrate. There will ...

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