Lea from Germany shares her impressions after visiting Bovilla Lake

Lea from Germany is doing an internship in Albania in the field of Sustainable Tourism. During her free time, she’s exploring Tirana and other cities and started to write articles about her trips to share experiences. The first article is about her family daytrip to Bovilla Lake.

“I had a long weekend in April during my stay in Tirana and as my family was visiting me from Germany, I decided not only to show them Tirana, but also to explore the surroundings. If you have seen Tirana already or you are not a big fan of museums or you simply like nature, hiking and exploring, these day-trips might be just right for you. You can do them all on one long weekend or spread them out over different ones.

As it looked like the weather will get worse the next couple of days, we decided to go to Bovilla Lake on Saturday to have a clear view of the lake. It was one of the things I wanted to do since I arrived in Tirana. We had hired a car for the whole weekend.

I think you need a car or a driver to get to Bovilla Lake. We left around 10 or 11am. It takes one hour to drive there, simply because the road conditions are bad (it’s actually only like 20 km), but we managed with a normal car! Even the drive there is beautiful once you are out of the city. We parked at the bottom, next to the dam and started walking up the road and then on the hiking trail next to the road (half way up there is a red and white sign that you can follow up).

Daytrip to Bovilla Lake Tirana

 After maybe 20 minutes walking up, there is a restaurant and also parking, so you can also drive up the serpentines, which we didn’t know. If you want to go even further up and have a breathtaking view of the lake you have to pass the restaurant and leave it to your right and make your way to the stairs (you can see them from the restaurant). There you have to pay 100 Lek/person to use the stairs and the platform on the top. The path is a bit difficult at some spots and I would recommend wearing good shoes and not going there if it's raining and wet. You have to use your hands sometimes. Once you are at the top you can enjoy the view, take pictures and maybe eat your lunch (that’s what we did).

Daytrip to Bovilla Lake Tirana

There are other hiking options that we didn’t know about, respectively didn’t find, but they take much longer and I think you should be more experienced and plan a full day for them. One option would be to hike to Mount Gamtit and then further on to Herraj and back up on the road. There is a map of this hiking trail down at the lake, at the end of the dam.

The second option would be to hike to Mount Gamtit and back the same way (Wikiloc | Mali i Gamnit from the east side Trail). We tried to find this trail but didn’t. After coming back down from the platform, we had a little bit time left, so we walked passed the restaurant (leave it to your left), in the direction of Ranzë to find the start of this other trail. It was a nice path, through walnut plantations and fields, with a view of the lake. At some point we turned around and walked back on the road till the bottom. We returned to Tirana around 7pm and went to Veggies, a nice vegetarian/vegan Restaurant in Blloku.”


Written by Lea Lohmueller


What to do in Tirana in May 2022

Welcome to the perfect time for visiting Tirana. May is the best month to enjoy the city, for its wonderful weather. This is the liveliest month even regarding the activities in open space, since they can gather the highest number of participants. That is because starting from June and two other months of the summer, Tirana is quieter since every one run to the beach. It is also the last month of school for the elementary and high school.

What to do in May 2018 in Tirana

The first day of May is a Public Holiday. It is the Labour Day, but it is a tradition now in Albania that it is considered just a day off for workers, in comparison with other countries where this day is a Day of Protesters. While, on May 5th is the Day of Martyrs, where a ceremony is held on the Martyr's Cemetery in Tirana.

Events and culture

Olen Cesari Show returns to the Palace of Congresses after 3 years.
2 unforgettable nights (5-6 May) with laser show and special guests.

What to do in May 2022 in Tirana

One of the greatest sports events in Tirana is Tiranathlon and it will be held on May 29th, at Farka Lake.

Athletes from around the world will gather on 29th of May at lake Farka/Hellenic Park to compete at a beautiful, safe and high level set up that will provide a unique and unforgettable experience to all contestants and spectators.

Visit www.tiranathlon.com check out the distances, challenge yourself, register and be part of this adventure.

What to do in May 2022 in Tirana


What to do in May 2018 in Tirana

May is perfect for outdoor activities, hiking and climbing. The most preferred destinations are Dajti Adventure Park, which will be open in 1st of May, after winter closure; Bovilla Lake is one of the most popular places for local tourists lately, while other interesting destinations are Cyclops Eye, Erzeni Canyons etc.  Also you can go for a family weekend picnic at Farka Lake, Peza Village, Petrela Castle etc. Places where you can enjoy the beauty of the spring nature.

What to do in May 2018 in Tirana



Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti


Wishing you a great stay in Tirana!


What to do in Tirana in April 2022

Warm weather, springtime atmosphere, plenty of activities are some of the reasons you should visit Tirana in April. It is the most flourishing month in every sense. Plenty of events are planned on the occasion of “Tirana European Youth Capital”, which you can find the calendar here!

 April in Tirana 2022

Happy Easters!

April 15,16,17 are the dates marked for Catholic believers who celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Every year, they  attend the Catholic Easter services at St. Paul's Cathedral in Tirana. While Orthdox Easter are celebrated i 22, 23, 24 April. 

 The Pyramid in Tirana


A Spring Adventure

Walking in the parks, at Lake Park, Rinia, Park or traveling in rural Tirana is the best thing you can do in April. Travel to Bovilla Lake, Farka or Kashar, Peza or Shengjergj, Pellumbas Preza or Petrela, Tujan or Mali me Gropa, - all these places offer spectacular nature which is blossoming in April.

 April in Tirana 2022

We would recommend you to see our site (outside Tirana) and choose a place to visit especially during weekends. 

Do not forget to participate in the Instagram photo contest #TiranaSpring2022, post photos of spring in Tirana.

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Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti

Happy April in Tirana!


Dental tourism brings more visitors in Tirana, Albania

Have you ever thought about travelling for pleasure and at the same time do your dental services within budget? Well, you are in the perfect place, Dental tourism in Tirana has seen a rise over the past years due to cheaper labor and material costs. Emerald Dental Clinic offers a full package with personalized treatment to amend all your aesthetic problems.

The Emerald will cover the ticket flight, transport, accommodation in 4star hotel, and tours around Tirana. The staff will prepare your stay and organize your day according to your needs and the medical treatment at the clinic.

About Emerald Dental

EMERALD Dental Polyclinic has as its main goal the promotion of oral health as well as the provision of complex dental services and the treatment of diseases, anomalies, which appear at all ages through a specialized and professional service of a high level.

This service is made possible thanks to the technology, modern equipment that the polyclinic has, but also by the professionalism, the quality of work provided by experienced medical staff.

The polyclinic offers dental service according to all international conditions and standards. Doctors, equipment and materials are certified according to EU standards.

In the polyclinic you will find professional service, at reasonable costs:

-Dental implant using TITANIUM and ZIRCONIUM implants, single-phase with immediate crown and biphasic, the crown is placed after 3 to 6 months, after the implant is integrated with the bone.

- Replacement of missing teeth with bridges, ceramic, zircon, etc., removable dentures with or without implants

- Steering the teeth with the classic method, metal and ceramic brackets, pulling in the arch of the remaining teeth in the bone. 3D teeth guidance through transparent masks according to the innovative method and shortening time (Invisalign).

- Oral surgery, surgical extractions of mature teeth, cystectomy, sinus lifting, laser gingivoplasty to correct gingival smile, retained teeth, tongue ligation, lip ligation.

- Correction of bruxism (tooth clenching) with muscle botox.

- Aesthetic Smile. Correcting a gummy smile, composite facets, E-max facets, planned by the program "Digital Smile".

- Facial aesthetics, correction with Botox and Filler.



Dental Toursim

Take care of your oral health, and also visit interesting attractions in Tirana.

They will take care of your transport from the airport to the clinic/hotel. Accommodation is also provided by them, with a selection of rooms to fit any of your or companion needs. Relax from the flight, clear your mind and rest for a few before continuing with the dental services or any activity you'd like.

Other contributions

Emerald Dental also offers informative conferences with parents and young doctors on oral health.

The patient will receive a complete service from dental check-up, imaging, remote consultations in addition to treatment in the clinic.

The polyclinic cooperates closely with the Institution of the Municipality of Tirana, where recently there is an agreement on the program "Tirana European Youth Capital 2022: Students and young people who will attend the city of Tirana will benefit 1,000 gift services.

Emerald Dental is located in one of the main arteries of Tirana: "Rruga e Kavajes Pallati me Shigjeta", where every citizen comes easily from the airport "Mother Teresa", as well as from all ports of Albania.


Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania

14 March is a unique festive day in Albania, not known or celebrated elsewhere. Locals call it Summer Day, even though it is celebrated in the first days of spring. Summer day was the first day year of an ancient calendar of Albanians, a day celebrated centuries before the birth of Christianity. It was celebrated by March 1st of the Julian calendar, the first day of the New Year (according to the Gregorian calendar, "March 14").

Summer Day in Tirana

It started to be celebrated massively in all over the country only the last decade, but its roots are deep in the ancient time in the city of Elbasan.  Now every year on March 14, Albanians celebrate Dita e Verës (Summer Day), the country's largest pagan festival. People celebrate the end of winter, the rebirth of nature, and a rejuvenation of spirit among Albanians. Although the epicenter of this festival is around Shkumbin region in Elbasan, the festival is widely celebrated in Tirana. In 2004, Summer Day became an official holiday in Albania. On this day and even since March 1st, many people usually wear a traditional bracelet called Verore (a word derived from summer) made of two thin braided strings usually red and white. At the end of the day, the bracelet is hung on a tree branch for good luck, and is believed that birds use it to build their nests.

The history

Dita e Veres is one of the oldest traditional day mostly celebrated in Elbasan. This festival origin is tracked to the temple of the Mountain Muse (Zana Malit) that was built near the city of Shkumbin (Elbasan). Muse was the goddess of hunting, forests and nature and she would come out of her temple only on March 14, which marked the beginning of the summer. This legend was passed from the generation to generation, and Summer Day festival is known for its unique cultural heritage and traditions. This popular celebration was a tradition that today identifies the city of Elbasan, known for special cultural traditions. It is a community wide event, with families often exchanging the traditional Ballokume, a sugar and corn flour cookie. Each family has its own recipe, considered a source of pride.  Some decades ago people went to Elbasan to celebrate this day, but now it became a national festival. In every city, people celebrate the end of winter in very festive atmosphere and the tradition of cooking ballokume now is expanded from north to south of Albania.

Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania



Street Party in Tirana


Women's Day in Tirana

8 March is the International Women´s Day and is celebrated differently all over the world.

#ChoosetoChallange for International Women's Day 2021. "A challenged world is an alert world," the International Women's Day website says. "We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality."

What are International Women's Day's origins?

The earliest observance of a Woman's Day was held in New York on February 28, 1909, and was organised by the Socialist Party of America. A year later, at the International Women's Conference in Copenhagen, Socialist representatives proposed that there be an International Women's Day, inspired by the demonstration in New York. The delegates agreed that an international day should be formed as part of a strategy to promote equal rights for women and women's suffrage. It was celebrated for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19, 1911. Two years later, in 1913, it was proposed that the date be moved to March 8 and it has been celebrated on this day ever since.

Womans Day in Tirana Albania

Albanian women are celebrating Woman’s Day in different ways. Some are organizing protests for more rights, some are celebrating their achievements through online forums or events to praise the Successful Women. The rights of women in Albania are improved. We have good representation of women in Government and Parliament, but still there are many problems women here are facing. Domestic violence, trafficking of women are still problems in Albania, also the inequality of pay etc. But the culture of protests is not so popular in Albania.

This Day is used more to celebrate, so is a Festive day. For Women in Albania, 8 March is more like a Freedom Day, a day off from their family obligations and duties, a day when they can celebrate without their husbands, only in others women company. The usually have a lunch or dinner at a restaurant where they can also dance. 

Womans Day in Tirana Albania

So if you are in Tirana on 8 March, don’t be surprised if you see big groups of women, wondering to find a good restaurant, having flowers in their hands, or gathered in bars especially around the center of Tirana. This is their day. Restaurants are making their offers, special menu, and invite musicians to entertain women.

Womans Day in Tirana Albania

The shoppers are so happy as well, because the presents should be special for this day. People spend money to buy the best gift to their mother, sister, wife, or daughter. In fact we confuse the Woman day with Mother Day, so the first in line to get a present or flowers are the mothers. For many years for Albanians, “Woman day” is also the “Mother’s Day”, since we don’t have other special day for Mothers, as other countries do.  

Womans Day in Tirana Albania


International Women’s Day in Tirana- Red shoes installation

International Women's Day was manifested with a marching protest in Tirana. The “Red shoes” installation at Skanderbeg square attracted passers-by, wondering what’s the symbol of that.

The Red Shoes Installation by artist Elina Chauvet is worldly known since 2009. For Chauvet, red takes on several meanings. It represents bloodshed, but also change and hope and love, according to the artist.

Women marched from Skanderbeg square towards Mother Teresa Square. Women called for gender equality, for stronger laws in Albania.

The Ambassador of Sweden in Tirana, Mrs. Esla Hastad joined the protest, holding a banner “She’s not a girl, she’s a Legend”!


Teacher’s Day in Albania, March 7th

7th of March, is known as the Teacher’s Day in Albania, and is celebrated in all schools and universities to celebrate this important cultural and historical day. On March 1887 Albanians opened the first desegregated, secular school in what was then the Ottoman Empire.

This was a great achievement for the Albanian national movement as well as for secular liberals during the Ottoman Empire.


7 Marsi, Festa e Mësuesit në Shqipëri

The Ottoman government didn’t recognize ethnic or linguistic communities; it only recognized religion establishments and their language. As the Albanians lacked a common religion or a national church, they were allowed no education in their own tongue — except for a few Catholic schools in some areas, which were also heavily oppressed. For centuries of Ottoman rule in Albania, Albanian books were prohibited, and any printing in the language had to be done abroad.

At that time the school’s leaders were the renowned Albanian Renaissance figures such as Pandeli Sotiri, Petro Nini Luarasi, Nuçi Naçi, Thoma Avrami, and others.

7 March was celebrated for many decades even during communist regime. It was a day when pupils and students praised their teachers, organizing festive surprises, concerts, writing poems. There also a tradition: the classes choosed 5-6 representatives to pay a visit to the teacher's home. The teacher welcomed the students and served all the best cookies she prepared for them. The gifts for teachers were so symbolic: flowers or a book.

Now the tradition has changed. No one go to the houses of teachers, but this festive day is celebreated in schools, with concerts or different activities. 

By the early 1990s in Albania, to promote the teaching of the highest quality, the most distinguished teachers were rewarded with the high honors that were the “Honored Teacher” and the ‘Teacher of the People’.

7 Marsi, Festa e Mësuesit në Shqipëri

World Teachers' Day

World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held annually on October 5. Established in 1994, it commemorates the signing of the 1966 "Teaching in Freedom".

Its aim is to focus on "appreciating, assessing and improving the educators of the world" and to provide an opportunity to consider issues related to teachers and teaching.

In 2017, World Teachers' Day commemorated the 20th anniversary of the 1997 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel, bringing the sometimes-neglected area of teaching personnel at Higher Education institutions into the conversation about the status of teachers.


What to do in Tirana in March 2022

Spring has sprung in Tirana! Time to enjoy sunny days and the blossom of this lovely month in the liveliest capital Tirana. Admire the long walks amid blooming trees in Grand Park of Tirana, Kavaja Street, Xhamlliku and Lana River.

Albanians celebrate 4 special days on March: 7 March -Teacher’s Day, 8 March- Mother’s Day, 14 March “Summer Day” and 22 March “Nowruz Day”.

7-8 March “Teachers and Women's Day”

7-8 March have always been seen as festive days. Since the communist regime, 7-8 March were two days celebrated widely for all Albanians. The first one, is 7 March, the Teacher’s Day, related with opening of first Albanian School in Korca in 1887. On this day pupils and students give flowers to their teachers as to show their gratitude.  

In Albania the 8th March was mostly celebrated as Mother’s Day not Women's Day. It was a day to buy gifts to mothers and grandmothers, and to thank them for raising us. But now has changed. It is celebrated as International Women’s Day. Many women celebrate with their colleagues, others protest for better life and opportunities.

In the framework of Women's Day will be held FemFest, a festival dedicated to Albanian women, shows, exhibitions, theater and the march event at the Skanderbeg square. 

14 March- Summer Day

In 14th March we celebrate the Summer Day. It is a unique festival for Albania. It was a festive tradition which was celebrated only in Elbasan area (see the story here), but the last decade it has been spread all over the country. Now 14th March is a public holiday for all Albanians and is a day when we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is interesting that we call it ‘Summer Day” and not Spring Day, since the warm days starts very soon in our country, which have 300 sunny days per year.

Maluma Concert in Tirana, March 14th

The world known singer will perform on "Summer Day Festival, at Mother Teresa square.

22 March- Nowruz Day

Nowruz is a Public Holiday in Albania, and is much celebrated, especially by Bektashi believers.  Nowruz (literally "new day") is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year.  In Albania Novruz Day, the most important holiday of Bektashism, was proclaimed as a national holiday in 1996.


Enjoy nature! There are many beautiful natural places in Tirana where you can enjoy the springtime. For a unique experience we recommend the cable car ride with the Dajti Express to Dajti Mountain.

For a pleasant hotel stay in Tirana we recommend Unik Hotel for its amazing location, comfort and modern rooms and excellent service. 

If you want to explore other places and natural attractions in Tirana, here you will find a list of tours that we organize.

The seasonal photo contest #TiranaSpring2022 opens at the beginning of March. You can participate by posting on Instagram photos taken during spring in Tirana.

Be safe and enjoy March in Tirana!


What to do in Tirana in February 2022

After the cold and gloomy January, almost everyone can hardly wait for February. 

February brings romantic vibes in Tirana with the city decorated for Valentine's Day. This is the time of early spring when love and romance blossom in the air. One of the first signs of the early spring is the fresh exuberance of the mimosa flower, a beautiful and wondrous sight to behold.

The weather is often cold in February, so make sure you wrap up warm and experience what Tirana has to offer.

On February 4th, the Mayor of Tirana. Mr. Veliaj will host on event launching the calendar for the European Youth Capital 2022. We are all excited for upcoming mayor events starting in February.

On February 11th, Tirana celebrates the 102th anniversary as the Capital of Albania. Be there to celebrate with locals, the city’s most significant date.

Impress your loved one in Tirana on Valentine's Day: enjoy a memorable night in Unik Hotel, a romantic dinner at Gambero Gourmet.

Surprise your loved and book the exclusive suit at Habitat Hotel. Express your love by enjoying Champaign in jacuzzi.

Other events

Experience the Albanian traditional dances. An event dedicated to Panajot Kanaçi, one of the most prominent choreographers of Albanian traditional dances “valle”.

Be enchanted by the most amazing Albanian music composed by Tish Daija, the man who hold the title as the “National Pride” for his legacy in music.  A beautiful concert with the most beautiful songs created by Tish Daija, on February 9th at the National Theater Opera and Ballet.

 Family activities:

Take the kids to the “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” a children’s fantasy novel written by Grace Linn, inspired by Chinese Folklore. Let the kids experience this fantasy world at Theater Metropol.  

Enjoy this month as much as possible and do not forget that on February 28 the #TiranaWinter2022 contest on Instagram closes, so post as many photos from Tirana with this hashtag.


The Guardian- UK tourists choose Albania as a destination

The prestigious British newspaper recommends Albania for its beautiful nature, history and culture and highlights Tirana as the colorful and vibrant capital, which is also the European Youth Capital 2022.

Tour operators see rise in bookings as people look for interesting culture and history at lower price than neighbouring destinations.

There’s plenty to see and do in Tirana, which is safe, walkable and feels buzzy without being overrun by tourists. There’s a thriving bar and restaurant scene, especially in the Blloku district, and plenty of museums to visit. Tirana is the European Youth Capital for 2022 and will host a programme of arts and culinary events, and concerts by Dua Lipa and Rita Ora.

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Albania in the United Nations Security Council

In this context, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, published a video wishing all Albanians for the New Year and the beginning of the mandate in the Security Council.

Albania in the United Nations Security Council

Minister Xhaçka highly praised this achievement of Albanian diplomacy, emphasizing the fact that today Albania is seen around the world as a serious actor, with a stable and credible policy and a serious contributor to security and peace issues.

"Albania will use this opportunity to advance the Kosovo issue, the process of recognition and membership in international organizations because Kosovo has been, is and will be a sacred cause for Albania. We will work for the Albanians, but we will also work for our region to consolidate the achievements of the last decades and not to let it slide towards destabilization and tensions. We will work with our allies and partners to advance the agenda of our common priorities, thus further consolidating the strong ties that unite us. Let`s approach 2022 and the challenges in front of us with the same spirit and determination and I have no doubts that the future that we built together for our children and families will be a bright one", said the minister in the video.


This is the first time in 66 years of UN membership that Albania will sit for a two-year term as a non-permanent member in the United Nations Security Council.


The flag installation ceremony was held today at the UN, where the Albanian flag was raised as the country started its mandate as a non-permanent member of the Security Council for the period 2022-2023.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs