Youngsters of Tirana promote cultural heritage with a twist

Tirana's high school students promote values ​​of cultural traditions.

An interesting project called "Generation Meeting" was presented yesterday at Skanderbeg Square. This project was realized ...


Activities on Liberation Day of Tirana

Tirana celebrated today the 73rd anniversary of City Liberation. It was the day when the National Liberation Forces won the war against the German invaders. Every year, the Municipality of Tirana ... ...


60 years history of National Popular Ensemble

The Albanian National Popular Ensemble celebrated 60th anniversary through festive gala concert held on 11- 12th November in Tirana. The most known artists, part of this Ensemble ...


What to do in November in Tirana

The warm days seems over in November, but the sun is still shining. Our city has featured in some main media like Vogue, TTG etc, and is becoming popular among young travellers around the world.  ...


Alla Simacheva-‘The Russian girl in love with Tirana’

Alla comes from Russia, a country with cold climate and she’s been living in Tirana for several years. She left her country after she found her love in Albania, and started to live with ...


The winners of Tirana Marathon 2017

The first internationally certified marathon of Tirana, has already announced its winners. More than 2500 runners from 40 countries of the world took part on this international marathon. The mayor of ...


'Palace' ,forbidden zone - is open now for public in Tirana

Many of you have heard about the Presidential Palace in Tirana, the former Royal Palace and nowadays known as “Palace of Brigades”. From today the Royal Palace will be open for the public ...


Mediterranean Home 00 -the newest art installation added to Tirana

Tirana is welcoming everyday new artists and their art works. Today in Tirana is inaugurated one these impressive giant art work in one of the most popular areas of the City, at Grand bazaar. The new ...


Eurydice, the famous dramatic play on the stage of Pyramid, Tirana

‘Euridita’ (Eurydice), the famous dramatic play by American writer Sarah Ruhl, is brought for the first time to the Albanian stage by director Jonida Beqo, Metropoli Theatre. The dramatic ...


‘Mosaic of Kruja’ in Tirana

The history of Kruja, with the national hero Skanderbeg, the dances, songs and souvenirs, all the traditions of this city were presented for one day to Tirana capital. The event “Mosaic of Kruja” ...


The history of the famous neighborhoods of Tirana

“Let’s meet at ‘Shallvare’ or at  ‘Agimi’ apartments!”.

Tourists in Tirana don’t know these places, but the city residents know them very ...


Vita - the portrait painter at Rinia Park

She is a street painter for many years, and still loves what she is doing. You see her in a corner at Rinia Park, in front of Tajvani complex, with a white paper and a black pencil in her hand. People ...

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