Winners of #TiranaWinter2018 photo contest

Visit Tirana announced last night, on March 15th, the winners of photo contest #TiranaWinter2018. The event organized by Manderina Promotions agency, which owns Visit Tirana. In a nice and warm atmosphere ...


Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania

14 March is a unique festive day in Albania, not known or celebrated elsewhere. Locals call it Summer Day, even though it is celebrated in the first days of spring. Summer day was the ...


Summer Day activities in Tirana

Tirana is prepared to celebrate Summer Day in the city's squares and parks. The Grand Park of Artificial Lake will be one of the main destinations where there will be a range of activities for adults ...


Chasing the colorful buildings of Tirana

Tirana already has the reputation of a colorful city for its painted buildings. The most used colors are blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Tirana’s painted buildings are spread almost ...


Teacher’s Day in Albania, March 7th

7th of March, is known as the Teacher’s Day in Albania, and is celebrated in all schools and universities to celebrate this important cultural and historical day. On March 1887 Albanians opened ...


PressForProgress on Women’s Day

8 March is the International Women´s Day and is celebrated differently all over the world. The theme of this year's Women's Day is #PressforProgress. It is like a call for all ...


Celebrate 7-8 March in Tirana

Teacher's Day is annually observed in Albany on March 7. This day celebrates the opening of the first school that taught in Albanian. The Albania Teacher’s Day, which is celebrated in the whole ...


What to do in March in Tirana

Welcome Spring! The most beautiful season not only in Tirana. Spring this time started with snow and this is amazing and such a rare thing in our beloved city. Snow and flowers are a perfect combination. ...


Et’Hem Bey mosque is closed for restoration

The famous landmark in Tirana Et’hem Bey mosque is closed for restoration due its condition and it will remain closed for 2 years. The news is confirmed by the Mufti of Tirana, Ylli Gurra. He ...


Transforming new schools of Tirana into community hubs

One of the world's prestigious architecture magazine Arch Daily has dedicated an article about the new design schools in Tirana design by the Italian architect Stefano Boeri. Stefano Boeri has ...


Meet two sides of Communism in Albania

If we do not deal with the past, we cannot shape the future. This was the message that was given to the students of the University of History and Philology in Tirana. The "House of Leaves" Museum in ...


27 years from the fall of communist regime in Albania

20th of February 1991 is the date when the giant statue of the dictator Enver Hoxha was thrown by protesters in the heart of Skanderbeg Square in Tirana.

This moment was considered 'the day when ...

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