What to do in Tirana in February 2023

February is so welcoming after cold and gloomy January. February is the month of love, since the Valentin Day is in the mid of this shortest month of the year. 

February brings romantic vibes in Tirana with the city decorated for Valentine's Day. This is the time of early spring when love and romance blossom in the air. One of the first signs of the early spring is the fresh exuberance of the mimosa flower, a beautiful and wondrous sight to behold.

This year Tirana is European Sports Capital 2023. After the preparation month in January, first events will start in February, mostly with schools, such as Carate, chess championships.  

On February 11th, Tirana celebrates the 103 th anniversary as the Capital of Albania. Be there to celebrate with locals, the city’s most significant date.

Impress your loved one in Tirana on Valentine's Day: enjoy a memorable night in Unik Hotel, a romantic dinner at Gambero Gourmet. Enjoy a supper lunch or dinner at Amo Sushi and Taverna Restaurant at TEG center. 

Surprise your loved and book the exclusive suit at Habitat Hotel. Express your love by enjoying Champaign in jacuzzi.

Other events

See the full calendar of Theater of Opera and Ballet

National Theater shows


Enjoy this month as much as possible and do not forget that on February 28 the #TiranaWinter2023 contest on Instagram closes, so post as many photos from Tirana with this hashtag.


What to do in January 2023 in Tirana

The holidays magic still continues in Tirana on the first two weeks of January. The decoration of the city and the Christmas Tree will be until mid-January so everyone can enjoy these cold winter days. January is also one of the best months to visit the city on a budget. There are sales in the shops. Also January is the quietest month to visit Tirana, since you can scroll in the city without much noise avoiding the crowds.


what to do in january

Beat the January blues by visiting the Skanderbeg square, a warm drink at New Bazaar, or a lunch at Castle of Tirana are some of the things we recommend to do.  Add color to the grimy days by visiting art galleries, museums or cinemas.

If you are an adventure spirit, the Shengjergj area offers many challenging experiences, like ice-skating on the frozen lake called “The Rabbit Lake”. For some other worldly views, the Mountain with Holes will take your breath way. 


What to do in January in Tirana

For some other worldly views, the Mountain with Holes will take your breath way.

For families we recommend the Dajti Mountain National Park, which is usually covered in snow.

One of the most unique attractions is Cyclops’ Eye, a natural gem worth visiting each season, but you have to be careful and wear the proper outfits and shoes.

Family weekend gateways can be best enjoyed in guesthouses of Tirana villages. Make sure to book days before arrival.

After eating lots of food with high calories in New Year’s Eve, we recommend you to change your taste a bit and try gourmet dishes at Gambero restaurant, for sushi lovers go to Amo Sushi, while at Habitat restaurant you will try fresh seafood dishes perfectly cooked.


Amo Sushi and the Amo Poke innovation at Teg

Këtë muaj do të ketë dhe evente interesante në Tiranë, për të qenë të përditësuar hapni këtë link.

For those who want to experience more from Tirana here are some festive days and events

In 6th of January, the Epiphany day is celebrated by Orthodox and Catholic believers. It is mostly celebrated in south of Albania where a wooden cross is thrown by a priest into the sea, river or lake and young men race to retrieve it. According to the rite, the first man who gets the cross is blessed and will have a vintage year. While many Orthodox Christians annually celebrate Christmas day on January 7 to remember Jesus Christ’s birth, described in the Christian Bible. This date works to the Julian calendar.


Amo Sushi and the Amo Poké innovation at TEG

After the success of the first restaurant in the heart of Tirana, Amo Sushi, the most favourite Asian restaurant in the capital, now opens another unique and innovative restaurant in the TEG Center.

With a completely new philosophy, Amo Sushi comes with Amo Poké, a healthy, fresh, fast and very trendy formula in all developed countries of the world. Today, consuming healthy foods, with ingredients that only strengthen your health, is not a trend, but wisdom to live long and always be energetic.



Amo Sushi and the Amo Poke innovation at Teg

In the Teg Center, Amo Sushi also adapted to the format that requires a Shopping Mall, where customers come for shopping, entertainment, cinema and why not consume healthy and fast food (fast food format). You also order food and can eat it there at the tables of the nicely designed restaurant, or take it with you "take away".

The Formula

The formula here is different from Amo Sushi at the Twin Towers. As soon as you arrive at the counter, you are given a paper, where you tick all your preferences. So, in a way it seems that you will cook your own dish. Choose the bowl size first, then the food base, rice or salad, and the protein solution, 3 or 4 of these, according to the size of your order.

Proteins are raw (such as marinated salmon, raw tuna, tartar) or cooked (such as cooked salmon, chicken, octopus, fried tuna, etc.). Then choose the additional ingredients: avocado, corn, carrots, etc., choose up to two sauces, and finally a topping, susam, almonds, pistachios, etc.

Normally you can add a drink to accompany your food. You just click on your paper all these ingredients and then everything is prepared in a quick time, for a maximum of 10 min.


When you order you are given a nice device that signals when your food is ready. You can move with the device in your hand which has a certain number, and then you can move or sit. When the order is ready, the signal comes to your device. This is convenient to save frequent trips to the reception, but also to eliminate the call from the staff when your food is ready. All these are innovations that increase customer service, make you feel more comfortable and served in a dignified manner.

You will not miss the professionalism of the invisible staff in the kitchen and the front-door reception that receives and delivers your order. All young staff, motivated, treated with dignity by this company. Come and discover the innovations of Amo Sushi Teg. For sure you will always come back.



Albanian "Xhubleta" inscribed in UNESCO

Xhubleta, skills, craftsmanship and forms of usage, inscribed into UNESCO on 30 November 2022 (17.COM) on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. 

Xhubleta is a handcrafted garment worn by highland women and girls in Northern Albania, characterised by its undulating bell form. Predominantly black with colourful embroidered motifs, the crafting process entails preparing the shajak (woven felt), cutting, sewing and embroidering symbolic figures. Xhubleta was once used in everyday life from the age of puberty, indicating the wearer’s social and economic status. However, its use and production has been decreasing over the past decades due to socio-political and economic reasons. The new policies set by the socialist system in the 1960s altered traditional cultural patterns, bringing changes to the daily lives of the mountain communities and the use and production of Xhubleta. As women had to work in the agricultural socialist cooperatives, Xhubleta was no longer practical for everyday life. Furthermore, state collectivization led to a lack of raw materials for its production. Today, few women possess the knowledge of the entire process, and traditional family-based transmission is rare. Nevertheless, the garment has maintained its social and spiritual significance and is still considered an integral part of highland identity.

See more

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What to do in Tirana in December 2022

Make new memories this December under the Christmas Tree in Skanderbeg square in Tirana. From Christmas markets, shopping and ice rinks, magical lights so much more to enjoy this December in Tirana.

The capital city of Albania is decorated with dazzling lights and ornaments in every corner. We have gathered the best tips for you to get the most of this festive month. The Christmass Lighting Ceremony will be held by 6th of December.

What to do in Tirana in December 2021

Christmas Markets in Tirana:

First market is open by 4th of December at Rogner Hotel Tirana

Enjoy the Holiday Spirit with a choice of over 50 vendors with tables full of beauty. Unique and exciting Holiday gifts for your friends and family. - Floral Holiday Decorations - Homemade baked goods - Gingerbread houses - Unique arts and crafts by local charities and artists - Books, jewelry. mulled wine, - Santa land pictures and more...


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Holiday village in Skanderbeg square

Skanderbeg square is the main square and the hotspot of the celebrations. A mini village with wooden houses is placed in Skanderbeg square. The wooden houses are improvised as: craft shops, bars and restaurants where visitors can buy gifts, enjoy food and drink.

Castle of Tirana

The Castle of Tirana must be on your list if you want to enjoy some warm and pleasant time. Bars and restaurants, souvenir shops are so inviting with their decorations. Find a perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink, or dine with style in one of the restaurants. We recommend paying a visit at the Subashi Souvenir Shop, where you can choose to buy as a gift one of their festive packages.

What to do in Tirana in December 2021


New Bazaar

The New Bazaar is another hotspot you must visit this Decemeber.  Once you enter the gate of

What to do in Tirana in December 2021

Admire Christmas lights

The most beautifully decorated streets that shouldn’t be missed: Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation", New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), "Murat Toptani" Pedestrian street, Rr. Myslym Shyri, Rr. Kavaja, the former block area etc.

What to do in Tirana in December 2021

Enjoy the snow

Tirana is lucky to have Dajti Mountain close by, which is covered in snow almost all winter days. The cable car ride is one of the things you should experience especially when snow hits the National Park of Dajti. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking panorama in a 15 minutes cable car ride.

What to do in Tirana in December 2021

For an ultimate adventure go to Shengjergj village surrounded by pines. Get cozy in one of the guesthouses in Shengergj area.

Holiday shopping

Find extraordinary, unique gifts for everyone on your list in Tirana’s shopping centers: Toptani Center, TEG, QTU, Ring Center, Megatek.

Don't miss the events in Tirana

We have many days off, that means you have plenty of time to spend: watching movies in theaters, attending theatrical shows or concerts. If you don’t want to miss events in Tirana, check the calendar of on our site.

Some of the events announced so far are:

  • 6 December: Lighting the Christmas Tree at Skanderbeg square
  • 25 December: Christmas Carols at Skanderbeg Square
  • 31 December: Fireworks spectacle of the New Year

 Where to eat and sleep in Tirana?

If you are looking for exquisite hotel, we recommend Unik Hotel situated near the Zoo Park, offering amazing views of the lake, great service and luxurious accommodation.

What to do in Tirana in December 2021


If you are fans of Italian food, and pizza we recomend you Veranda Restaurant, close to Teg Center, where you can enjoy the special dishes of Mediterranean and Italian – based cuisine and delicious pizza with wood furnace, relax in these premises,enjoy a cocktail in the bar and we will ensure that you will not be disappointed. Veranda has this quality: if you go once, you will always want to go again.


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Indulge in new flavors, dine at Gambero Gourmet with friends and family this festive period. An elegant and refined restaurant with a high-quality cuisine and service.

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If you fancy Asian cuisine, Amo Sushi is the place to be. With a perfect location in Blvd of Martyrs, this restaurant offers the best sushi in town, and other delicious Asian dishes.


We wish you a pleasant stay in Tirana!


An ALL INCLUSIVE package - Veranda pizzeria bar and restaurant

Since the name is curious to visit, Veranda bar restaurant and pizzeria is located in two different locations at the entry/exit points of Tirana.

Their first location is near the TEG shopping center while their other location is near the QTU shopping center. For some, when they mention the shopping center, they may think of it as an ordinary restaurant, but to understand who Veranda restaurant is, you just have to visit it. 

For some others, when I mention a shopping center and a restaurant nearby, they think they are going to a place similar to heaven because there is better shopping and wonderful food. But visiting Veranden restaurant is a pleasure and an experience in itself. With an environment for families, accompanied by a playground for children, or with a special and special corner for couples and not only, but also an environment suitable for social groups or for work lunches/dinners. I don't know about you, but for me this is called having an all inclusive package in one place. Another special feature of this place is the delicious cocktails that we can enjoy with a wonderful view of the sunset, which you can enjoy on the restaurant's veranda. Oh, I almost forgot... in the Veranda restaurant you can enjoy the wonderful and delicious pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven, which will leave the most special impressions you may have ever tried. With these beautiful and delicious experiences, I can tell you the motto that they themselves use... If you come once, you'll want to come always.

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Things to do in Tirana in November 2022

November brings the real autumn feel in Tirana, with jackets on and takeaway hot drinks. Be in Tirana to celebrate the month of pride, the national days. November could very nicely enjoyed by visiting on foot the main attractions walking through of the capital and mingle with locals. There are plenty of things to do in November in Tirana to make the most of the longer nights, or to warm up indoors.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Visits to museums and art galleries are a good idea to spend time and see interesting things. On weekends you can make short escapes to the outskirts of Tirana to enjoy autumn in agritourism farms in Baldushk, Shëngjergj, Surrel etc.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Historical dates

28th November is the biggest day of our nation. 28th November 1912 is the day when Albanians from all over Albania, united in Vlora, declared the Independence of Albania.

29th November is the day of the Liberation of Albania, one of the most important moments in the history of our country.

 This year we have 108 anniversary of Independence and 77th anniversary of Country's Liberation

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

Tirana Liberation Day (17 November)

77 years have passed since the day of the liberation of the Albanian capital, Tirana. On this day, 127 martyrs sacrificed themselves who fought for an ideal where their biggest dream was the freedom of the country and the people.

 Book Fair 16-20 November 2022

During these days, publishers, writers, poets, translators, readers and people of culture meet for book discussions, presentations of new titles, but also debate tables, live stream, or in physical environments, respecting all the conditions of security.

What to do in Tirana in November 2021

More activities are expected to be organized by the Municipality of Tirana.

Enjoy Tirana in its fullest!


Autumn weekend outside Tirana

Autumn in Tirana is a pleasant season due to the warm weather, where the days are sunny and the mornings and nights are cool. Everyone enjoys these days, especially on weekends where most people escape the capital's bustle to visit and relax on the natural destinations in the suburbs of Tirana.

Tirana Marathon 2019 winners

We asked our followers on Instagram what places outside Tirana do they suggest for lovely autumn weekends. Here are the answers compiled below.

Many have suggested the Dajti National Park, as the most frequented place especially in autumn. The stunning panorama of Tirana, great picnic areas with family and friends, traditional restaurants make Dajti Park a weekend hotspot.

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The area of Shengjergj has become a desired destination for its natural beauties that characterize the area. Shengjergj Waterfall as well as Rabbit Lake (Liqeni i Lepurit) are the two most visited natural attractions. In Shengjergj there are also some restaurants serving traditional cuisine, a great opportunity to enjoy nature and delicious dishes. If you like chestnuts you can climb up to Qafa Priskë to collect chestnuts and play with the autumn leaves.

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Bovilla Lake, Tirana's largest reservoir, known for its turquoise water and spectacular views, attracts many domestic and foreign visitors’. If you climb the Gamti Mountain the view is priceless.

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The village of Peza surrounded by hills and large fields, remains a favorite destination for many families. In Peza there is a large field surrounded by large trees and during autumn the golden and red color cover the field creating a picturesque view. Children can play in the big field, or riding horses. It is an ideal place to have picnic and enjoy the warm weather.

The Petrelë village mostly know from Petrel Castle is highly visited by foreigners and locals. With its fantastic view of the Erzen valley and the surrounding countryside that look even more beautiful in the fall, Petrela manages to stay on the list of favorite destinations. Except visiting the castle, you can stroll around the village center and wander through the beautiful Petrela countryside.

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Farka Lake due to new investments in Farka area has taken a lot of attention making a favorite destination. On the weekends the promenade is full of people strolling and gazing on the beautiful lake.

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The Great Artificial Lake Park remains the most frequented and at the same time most populated due to its proximity to the city center. A place where you can find a lot of entertainment for the whole family: large playground, dedicated bike lanes, boating and picnic.


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These are just some of the suggestions because Tirana has many lakeside villages and picturesque views. If you're traveling to these places, share your photos using the hashtag #TiranaAutumn2022 on Instagram.


Things to do in Tirana in October 2022

 October is the golden time of the Autumn, when the season is uncovering its most beautiful colors and the weather is just perfect – not too hot and not too cold – to enjoy the outdoor activities, and the various events that Tirana prepared for its residents and guests!

What to do in October in Tirana

Take a look at the list of events you can attend in October in Tirana, to warm your days with unforgettable memories!

Tirana Marathon -October 23rd

What to do in October in Tirana

The Tirana Marathon 2022 comes this year with its 6th edition and we can certainly already qualify it as the biggest sports event in the city. This is also shown by the participation of 2500 runners from many different countries of the world. The increase in the number of participants over the years is a good indicator that this race has become beloved by the citizens of Tirana and beyond. The 6th edition of this activity, which has already become a tradition, is organized with the approval of three itineraries approved by the World Athletics Federation, giving it the seriousness of an international activity and with the support of the Albanian Athletics Federation.

Green Fest Albania

6-7-8-9 October 2022

What to do in October in Tirana

From October 6 to October 9th, a four-day event that gathers businesses and farmer from Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. Under the slogan “Taste the local products” aims to promote local businesses of different regions. The fair will be placed at Skanderbeg square and everyone can visit and buy local products.

ChoCoBa Expo - Chocolate, Coffee and Pastry Fair

What to do in October in Tirana

The first fair in Albania dedicated to Chocolate, Coffee, Pastry and Bread-Baking (Dough) as well as supporting sectors (Furniture, Raw Materials, Logistics, etc.)

Olive Oil Fest

October 29th-Ndroq village

What to do in October in Tirana

The Olive Oil Fest is a local festival promoting agrotourism of the area. Ndroq is known for its Olive Oil Groves, producing the best quality of olive oil. The event will be held during last week of October.


LP-LIVE IN Tirana, October 9

What to do in October in Tirana

LP (Laura Pergolizzi) is a famous and successful pop singer/songwriter, known massively for the song LOST ON YOU. LP will be in Tirana for the first time and perform her hits at the stage on Mother Teresa square, on October 9th.

In 2012 she released her debut album INTO THE WILD and in 2015 she had another breakthrough with the album LOST ON YOU with the self-titled song, that still is a hit worldwide and the song MUDDY WATERS.


Theater shows and ballet


Choose the suitable events for you and save the dates! October is coming, be ready for a fascinating autumn in Tirana!

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi,  Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti

Tirana offers something for everyone, why not discover it now!


Things to do in Tirana in September 2022

A September to remember in Tirana!

This September is filled with amazing festivals, concerts and exhibitions. The weather is perfect to experience what Tirana has to offer, from city tours, participating in activities around the city, going for walks or hiking. 

What to do in September in Tirana

Events during this month

Tirana Photo Festival

Tirana Photo Festival is an annual Festival celebrating the art of photography and promoting Albania. The 5th edition promises exceptional submissions and applications from amateur and professional photographers from Albania and other countries. The exhibition will be held from 9-23 September 2022 at Galeria e Artit Tirane, while the award ceremony will be organized at 11 September, 17.00h. The entrance is free at the award ceremony, while the ticket for the exhibition is 50 Albanian Lek (approx. 50 cents). Also, during the days of the festival, photography workshops will be organized with lecturers Armand Habazaj and Bevis Fusha. This year's innovation is the organization of Photo Safari in two days with Albert Cmeta. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to photograph nature and its biodiversity.

What to do in September in Tirana

Rita Ora concert

Rita Ora will do a concert in Tirana, Albania, on September 6 as a part of Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 celebrations. The entrance is free!

What to do in September in Tirana

Tirana Digital Nomad Festival 

The Digital Nomad festival is a 3-day event that will connect worldwide digital nomads for an unforgettable experience in Albania.  This festival aims to present Tirana and its new unexplored projects that welcome all tech communities. 

What to do in September in Tirana

Mural Fest Tirana-4th Edition
Mural Art Fest is back in Tirana. From September 1st, until Sept 30th, 12 international artists will paint murals of different building around the city. This is the fourth edition. The opening ceremony presenting artists of this edition will be held at Reja, on September 5.

September Tirana

Arts & Culture

International Cultural Weeks in September.

Britsh Culture Week (1-11 September)

Sweden Culture Week (12-19 September)


Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi,  Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti

Tirana offers something for everyone, why not discover it now!


Things to do in Tirana in August 2022

From long nights by the lake to concerts at Amphitheater, Open air cinemas, long walks on the parks and vibrant nightlife are some of the things you can do in Tirana in August.

One of many reasons to be in Tirana in August is to attend the concert of Dua Lipa and other artists that will be perform on the stage of Sunny Hill Festival on August, 26, 27, 28. 

What to do in August in Tirana

During the afternoons and evenings in Tirana, you see so much exuberance in the main centers. Skanderbeg Square is the place where all the people gather, families and friends, youngsters stroll around the biggest square in the country. The number of tourists is high in August, and you can see them in the city center taking picture everywhere. While two other famous attractions: The New Bazaar and the Castle of Tirana are always full of people, almost every day you will find activities being held at these important spots of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

During weekends you can go to Erzen River to refresh, the Cyclops’ Eye natural gem or in the many lakes of Tirana. Swimming pools are another option and you can find many of them in the suburbs of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

To enjoy the fresh air and escape from the summer heat, go to Dajti Mountain and enjoy a fantastic day starting with the cable car ride to the Adventure Park and a good lunch at Ballkoni Dajti restaurant. Also, you can choose to visit other green areas around Tirana, and we have a list here.

What to do in August in Tirana

The museums are open all through August. From the National History Museum, House of Leaves, House Museum of Ismail Kadare, Bunk'Art you can visit them in August.

Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti


We wish you a pleasant stay!


A weekend away from Tirana - for everyone with a little adventure spirit and a heart for nature

You want to get away from the hustle and bustle in Tirana? We have the perfect solution for you. One weekend at the Butterfly Camping in Dibra!

Things to do in Tirana in July

Labinoti, a 34-year-old local, built the beautiful camp with his own hands and is managing the camp with passion for tourism, nature and outdoor sports, with the support of his family. He will make sure you feel welcome and have an absolute great time at his camp.

You can enjoy different activities during your stay, from hiking, biking and rafting, to watching the sunset overlooking the rolling hills and mountains. Or you can go swimming in the Black Drin, only foot steps away from your tent door, relax in one of the hammocks and enjoy delicious homecooked local food, before sitting around the bonfire and watching the stars and milky way above you.

Things to do in Tirana in July

You will not find a place like this anywhere else in Albania, and on top of that in a special area like Dibra, untouched and so much to explore. Once you are there, Labinoti can help you organize trips and activities if you want to explore the region. Get in contact with him via Facebook or Instagram if you want to find out more or book an amazing get away for you, your family, friends or your partner. Everyone is welcome at Butterfly Camping!

Things to do in Tirana in July