Top 10 photos of winter in Tirana

Visit Tirana organized the 18th photography photo contest on Instagram, # TiranaWinter2021. The competition was open for 3 months, from December 2020 until February 28, 2021. Professional and amateur photographers participated in the competition with photos taken during the winter season in Tirana. Over 400 posts with the hashtag of our contest from which were selected 10 best photos.

See the gallery below:

Arend Rrada

Andia Tafa

Duli Kasmi

Hysen Xhebexhiu

Ardis Hasa

Luljeta Mustafaj

Rozana Xhaferaj

Valter Zhara

Florjan Jaupani

Nertil Zhuri


Info about Covid-19 in Albania

Information you need to know before travelling to Albania. What are the measurements and actual situation regarding Covid-19. The Ministry of Health announced updated movement restrictions in February.

There will be a daily curfew from 20:00 to 6:00am. Bars, restaurants, fast food, and other similar activities are prohibited from operating between 20:00pm and 6:00am, except for delivery services. Public movement is restricted during these hours except for work reasons, health care emergencies, or urgent needs. The e-Albania portal must be used for special permission to move during this time.

All travelers coming from different states from ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel.

  • Albania has confirmed more than 107,000 cases of COVID-19 within its borders.
  • Commercial flights returned to Albania on June 15, 2020. As of December 22, the Albanian government suspended all flights to and from Great Britain until further notice. 
  • The Ministry of Health announced updated movement restrictions that will go into effect starting February 11, 2021, until further notice. There will be a daily curfew from 8:00pm to 6:00am. Bars, restaurants, fast food, and other similar activities are prohibited from operating between 8:00pm and 6:00am, except for delivery services. Public movement is restricted during these hours except for work reasons, health care emergencies, or urgent needs. The e-Albania portal must be used for special permission to move during this time.
  • The Ministry of Health suspended all direct civilian air traffic to and from Great Britain until further notice. There will be a mandatory 14-day quarantine (self-isolate) for all travelers who enter Albania by air, land, or sea who initiated their travel from Great Britain.

— Public administration will telework; except for those providing essential services under strict security protocols.

— Wearing a mask in public areas, indoors and outdoors, for any individual 11 years old and above is mandatory.

— Preschools and kindergartens reopened.

— All cultural events and other large public gatherings in Albania are cancelled indefinitely.

— Professional sporting events have resumed, with no spectators allowed to attend.

— Malls and shops are open with strict social distancing guidelines in place.

— Hairdressers and dentists are open with strict social distancing guidelines in place.

— Restaurants and cafes are open.

— All indoor activity centers reopened.

— Beaches are open.

— Outdoor exercise is permitted.

— Libraries and museums are open.

— Public transportation has resumed.

— All maritime and air borders have reopened.


COVID-19 Testing:

In Albania PCR and/or antigen tests are available for foreign citizens. Test results are available within 72 hours.

Public Health Labs:

Currently, in order to be tested for COVID-19 by the Albanian public health authority one must have symptoms and a recommendation from the public health authority’s family doctor.  However, private testing labs will perform a test for a fee, and no symptoms or a doctor’s recommendation is required (see details below).

If you have an Albanian social security number you also have an assigned public health family doctor.

To learn who your public health family doctor is, call the IPH green line at 0-800-4040 to find out.

Tests are free of charge if done by the Albanian Institute of Public Health (IPH).

Private Labs:

Individuals can also arrange private testing by going to a private testing lab.  No symptoms or doctor’s order is required to arrange a private test, and no advance appointment is necessary.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, there are six private labs authorized to perform SARS-CoV-2 testing for administrative issues:

— American Hospital Laboratory (Tel: +355 4 222 5640)

— Biocheck Diagnostic (Tel: +355 4 242 7025)

— Genius Lab (Cell: +355 69 303 3026)

— German Hospital International (Cell: +355 67 200 4282)

— Intermedica (Tel: +355 4 220 0600)

— Noval Diagnostic (Cell: +355 68 804 2045)

— SALUS Lab (Cell: +355 68 205 3180)

The average cost for testing is: (PCR = 8,500 ALL or 85 USD) – (Antigen = 4,000 ALL or 40 USD). 

Hard copy letters of test results are provided within 24 to 72 hrs.  You can choose another method of delivery (e.g.: email or text) with the individual labs.

Stay home and contact the Albanian National Medical Emergency line at 127 if you believe that you have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Wait for guidance before going to a medical facility.

More information can be obtained by calling the national green line at 0-800-4040 to find out.

Visit the website of the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Institute of Public Health for additional information.

For information on limited humanitarian exemptions, please review the following page “Covid-19 Testing Required for U.S. Entry”.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information:

The government of Albania has approved a COVID-19 vaccine for use.

Please follow host country developments and guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination.

Albania has received a total of 13,495 doses of antivCOVID vaccine, which 674 have received second doses.

1002 elderly people over 80 years old and elderly from asylum and staff serving receiving the first dose of antivCOVID vaccine.

The vaccine is free of charge and medical personnel in all four COVID-19 hospitals in Tirana and other regional hospitals will be the first to get the vaccines.

According to Albanian health authorities, the government has contracted to get 500,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, of which the first 10,000 are to arrive soon.

Visit the website of the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Institute of Public Health for additional information.


What to do in March in Tirana

Spring has sprung in Tirana! Time to enjoy sunny days and the blossom of this lovely month in the liveliest capital Tirana. Admire the long walks amid blooming trees in Grand Park of Tirana, Kavaja Street, Xhamlliku and Lana River.

Albanians celebrate 4 special days on March: 7 March -Teacher’s Day, 8 March- Mother’s Day, 14 March “Summer Day” and 22 March “Nowruz Day”.

7-8 March “Teachers and Women's Day”

7-8 March have always been seen as festive days. Since the communist regime, 7-8 March were two days celebrated widely for all Albanians. The first one, is 7 March, the Teacher’s Day, related with opening of first Albanian School in Korca in 1887. On this day pupils and students give flowers to their teachers as to show their gratitude.  

In Albania the 8th March was mostly celebrated as Mother’s Day not Women's Day. It was a day to buy gifts to mothers and grandmothers, and to thank them for raising us. But now has changed. It is celebrated as International Women’s Day. Many women celebrate with their colleagues, others protest for better life and opportunities.

14 March- Summer Day

In 14th March we celebrate the Summer Day. It is a unique festival for Albania. It was a festive tradition which was celebrated only in Elbasan area (see the story here), but the last decade it has been spread all over the country. Now 14th March is a public holiday for all Albanians and is a day when we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is interesting that we call it ‘Summer Day” and not Spring Day, since the warm days starts very soon in our country, which have 300 sunny days per year.

22 March- Nowruz Day

Nowruz is a Public Holiday in Albania, and is much celebrated, especially by Bektashi believers.  Nowruz (literally "new day") is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year.  In Albania Novruz Day, the most important holiday of Bektashism, was proclaimed as a national holiday in 1996.

Art and Culture

For art lovers, they can see exhibitions at the National Gallery of Arts as well as at the COD center, which is inside the Prime Ministry building.

While theater shows will continue to broadcast live stream on Facebook. All theaters in Albania have join together to bring their best performances to the online public. The Opera and Ballet Theater will also continue broadcasting online the best performances.

The International Watercolor Biennale is a very interesting event worth attending. This is the fourth edition and will take place from 13 to 24 March 2021 at the National Historical Museum.

Enjoy nature! There are many beautiful natural places in Tirana where you can enjoy the springtime. For a unique experience we recommend the cable car ride with the Dajti Express to Dajti Mountain.

If you want to explore other places and natural attractions in Tirana, here you will find a list of tours that we organize. The seasonal photo contest # TiranaSpring2021 opens at the beginning of March. You can participate by posting on Instagram photos taken during spring in Tirana.

Be safe and enjoy March in Tirana!


Work begins on Pyramid revitalization project

The Pyramid of Tirana, a notorious building connected to the past, will no longer be like this, as work has recently begun on the transformation of this communist-era building into a multifunctional IT youth center.

Here is how Durham describes Tirana in the 1900s.

The Prime Minister Mr. Edi Rama, the mayor Mr. Erion Veliaj and the US Ambassador in Tirana Mrs. Juri Kim were present to see the start of the transformation.  

This is a very ambitious project that lacked in Tirana which is expected to be finished in 2023. The Pyramid was created as a Musem for the Dictator Enver Hoxha, and was designed by his daughter who was the architect. Having this symbolic it has been the center of debates to destroy this building considering it as a communist symbol. But it is a very rare object, so keeping it, is a reminder of the past, but transforming its role is a fantastic idea, in accordance with the saying: reminding the past, building the future.

The pyramid will serve as a kind of incubator for businesses in the field of innovation, art and creativity. The innovation of revitalizing the center lies in the fact that the TUMO model is a new type of educational experience at the intersection of technology and design. Young people will be given the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their potential and they will be able to develop their learning skills to face the challenges of the 21st century. The TUMO Learning Program consists of self-employment activities, workshops and labs in 14 change programs under the supervision of the best experts from around the world.


How Edith Durham describes Tirana in the early 1900s

Mary Edith Durham, the famous British anthropologist, visited almost all the cities and centers of Albania in the early 1900s. She wrote all her memories and impressions about our country in the book "The Burden of the Balkans".

Here is how Durham describes Tirana in the 1900s.

Tirana (12000 inhabitants), having a good road to the port, is moving towards prosperity. The bazaar was full of villagers dressed in different costumes from those of Elbasan. Tirana was founded in 1600 by a wealthy bey, who named it after a Turkish conquest (named Tirkan) of Tehran in Persia. Today's Beys of Tirana, the Toptanas, who call themselves the descendants of the old Topias, are very famous, not only for the construction of the road that they did at their own expense, but also imported agricultural and Italian machinery to taught the villagers how to use them.

One of them (Murat Toptani) is interested in patriotism and the people mourn him. The land is well worked and rich, the road is good and trade abroad is growing rapidly. All the houses are built between large gardens, filled with cherries, figs, quinces, plums and almond trees which were mostly watered by canals. It is an extremely clean and very picturesque city. The minarets are especially beautiful, colorful and painted with natural views. It's an artist's paradise, and I'm sorry I couldn't stay more than three days. "

 In Tirana there is an elementary/middle school named after Edith Durham.



Tirana celebrates 101 years as capital of Albania

On 11th February 1920 Tirana became the Capital of Albania by a decision of the Congress of Lushnja.  If fact the decision was to select a temporary Capital, since the real capital that time was Durresi. But Durres city was occupied by Italians, so the government couldn’t stay there. Another version was Vlora, which was the first Capital of Albania after declaring the country’s independence by Ismail Bej Vlora in 1912. But Vlora was far from north of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. The other version was Shkodra, which was the biggest city that time, but it was too close with Montenegro and far from other part of Albania.

Tirana on its 98 anniversary as capital of Albania

The unanimous decision was taken for Tirana to be the Capital of Albania, especially for its position in the center of the country. In fact Tirana had always been in the perfect strategic position, a city where the biggest roads were crossing since the ancient time. The road from Dalmacia from Ulqini to Shkodra, Lezha and go to the east of the country passing Tirana, through Qafe-Krrabe and Elbasan; Another road, Via Egnatia linked all the central cities of Albania and headed to Manastir, Selanik, Stamboll. Tirana was the cross road to link the North of the country with the sea, via Shen Gjergj. Another old road linked Kavaja with Ndroq, Ura e Beshirit and entering to Tirana, then to Rruga e Dibres, Qafa Tujanit, Mat-Diber and going to Macedonia. If you see these three old roads they were crossed in Tirana, in Skenderbej Square. That is why Tirana deserved the name as capital of Albania. 

Tirana on its 98 anniversary as capital of Albania

The history tells that on this day, 11 February 1920 in Tirana arrived all the Albanian Government headed by Sulejman Delvina. It was placed in the building situated in the entrance of the Elbasani Street. The government was warmly welcomed by the people of Tirana, who felt proud for making Tirana the capital of Albania. Professor Kristo Frasheri remembers that time in one of his books, a question asked in Lushnja Kongres for Tirana. “Does Tirana have buildings for the governments and other institutions? The delegates from Tirana answered: If we don’t have, we will build them”.

Tirana on its 98 anniversary as capital of Albania

Tirana was definitely confirmed as Capital of Albania in 1925. In 1923, the first regulatory city plan was compiled by Austrian architects. Then the city took the real form of a beautiful capital in the period of Italian occupation, through a project of  Florestano Di Fausto and Armando Brasini, well known architects of the Benito Mussolini period in Italy. Brasini laid the basis for the modern-day arrangement of the ministerial buildings in the city centre, which are still there.

The 100 anniversaries of Tirana as Capital it will be celebrated with a festive concert at Skanderbeg Square. Besides that Tirana has its official anniversary logo and other projects are going on too.


What to do in February in Tirana

After the cold and gloomy January, almost everyone can hardly wait for February. Some are excited to celebrate Valentine's Day, and some look forward because it is the last month of winter. This is the time of early spring when love and romance blossom in the air. One of the first signs of the early spring is the fresh exuberance of the mimosa flower, a beautiful and wondrous sight to behold.

We are still in times of pandemics and limitations but still we can enjoy life, love and nature. February is the month of love, so give as much love and warmth not only to your partner but also to your relatives.

In February an important date is February 11, 1920, when Tirana was declared the capital of Albania.

These important dates have always been remembered with various events and events in the capital, but this year the activities will be limited and with a small number of participants due to the pandemic.

In this article we want to show you how you can enjoy the month of February in Tirana.

 Enjoy nature

Nature is free. Go out in nature as often as possible and give yourself peace of mind. In Tirana there are many parks and spaces where you can go hiking, cycling or just relax like: Artificial Lake Park, Farka Lake, Kashar Lake, etc.

For outdoor enthusiasts local guides every weekend organize trips in compliance with the Covid-19 protection protocol. Dajti Mountain and Gropa Mountain are two destinations that are quite visited at this time of year, because they are covered with snow.

 Artistic activities

Artistic activities continue to be organized in Tirana, albeit with restrictions and a small number of people. Everyone needs to see beauty and be inspired, so we suggest you see the various exhibitions, even the virtual ones. The Opera and Ballet Theater has launched their artistic program. Also the National Theater and other theaters will continue with the performances but will be shown live streaming on Facebook.

From Monday to Friday, 10:00-16:00 you can visit the collection of the Gallery of the National Arts.

"Reja" pavilion always brings exhibitions and other artistic events, so it is good to pass by "Reja" during this month.

 Wander through city’s decoration for Valentine’s Day

The Municipality of Tirana has turned the decor for Valentine into a tradition. “Dëshmorët e Kombit” Boulevard, “Skënderbej” Square and the Artificial Lake Park are the places where you can see the decorations for Valentine.

 Attractions of the month

Two of the most interesting points of the city that we suggest for this month are: Tirana Castle and the New Bazaar, where you can see, taste food and buy products or souvenirs.

Within the walls of Tirana Castle you have a variety of choices, there you will find souvenir shops, shops with homemade products, bars and restaurants with Albanian and foreign cuisine. Tirana Castle is a nice place to spend time with family or friends.

 The New Bazaar remains one of the most visited places in Tirana, because there you can do your home shopping with fresh products of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. In addition, there you can enjoy a good coffee in the pleasant premises and you can have lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants.

Enjoy this month as much as possible and do not forget that on February 28 the #TiranaWinter2021 contest on Instagram closes, so post as many photos from Tirana with this hashtag.


What to do in January 2021 in Tirana

It is the first month of the New Year. The pandemic is still around, but with the vaccine coming in Albania, though in small amounts, there are hopes that this terrible Covid era is going to end.  There are still many restrictions due to this situation, so people can’t move freely. People can travel to neighbouring countries such as Kosovo, Macedonia without any request for Covid Tests, but they are urged to respect all the measures each country has in place due to this situation.

Christmas and new year in Tirana

There is a curfew of movement in Albania. From  20.30p.m – 6.00 am people are not allowed to move in the streets without a permission that can be ensured through www.e-albania.al

The cultural events are cancelled, so no concerts or other activities in open spaces. But there are galleries and museums, which will be open during the month. Many activities are held online, in a new trend forced by pandemic situation. Our suggestion for this month is to visit the exhibition of the French photographer Michel Setboun at COD center, government building, “40 years of stories in the land of Eagles”, opened until 20 February 2021.

Where to go in January 2021 in Tirana?

Well, Tirana is full of unexplored outdoor attractions. Even citizens living in Tirana have not visited yet all these places. There are many guides organizing tours around natural attractions in Tirana. Even though in the city there is no snow, in the mountains close to Tirana, you can enjoy the snow, hiking in mountains, organizing picnics around the fires etc.

Christmas and new year in Tirana

Here are our suggestions for January

  • Going to Mount Dajti. This is the easiest trip you can do without a guide. You can take the Cable Car to Mount Dajti, and then to walk around and hike around, enjoying the snow, or having a ride with horses there.
  • Hiking to Mali me Gropa. There are some guides organizing tours to this Mount which is a continuation of Dajti Mount. You cant go by your own, but it is better to have an experienced guide to head you there
  • Going to Shengjergj. Shengjergj village is reachable with a bus from Tirana. Then you can decide to go to Shengjergji Waterfall, or to go to Lepuri Lake and other beautiful places around. In Shengergj you can go even without guide, but it is better to ask locals about the difficulties of the roads if they are good due to rain and snow.
  • Traveling to villages of Tirana. You can go to Baldushk, Preza, Petrela, Peza, Ndroq, Vaqarr etc. All villages have good roads and you can go using Google map apps. In every village you can find good traditional restaurants, enjoying nature and the delicious food.

Christmas and new year in Tirana


If you need more information, you can find plenty tips here: http://www.visit-tirana.com/explore-tirana/outside-tirana

Of course Tirana is still decorated, probably until end of January. So walking in the streets, in many bars and restaurants in the main hotspots of the city, is a good thing to do. The bars are all cozy and you can enjoy very good coffee and food with friends in every corner. Have a healthy and happy January from Visit Tirana. Don’t forget to post photos in Instagram of this winter, with the hashtag: #TiranaWinter2021. Good luck!


What Albanians buy for the New Year

The new year eve is the period where Albanians spent money.  It is becoming a tradition now to buy presents for the new year not only for the kids and family but also for other relatives.

But what Albanians love to buy?

Seasonal gift baskets

This festive season is all about food and wine. So, the first gifts are baskets which are filled with ‘panetone’, sweets, honey, olive oil, chocolates and the most important is Wine or other drinks. Seasonal gift baskets you can find in all supermarkets, but also in special shops for these kinds of products, such as wine, olive oil etc.

What Albanians buy for the New Year

Books and Albums

The second present are books. Even though the highest season for buying books is the November, because of the Book Fair, the biggest in the country, people tend to buy books, albums, cards for the New year. That is why in some book store you can see some offers or sales for the books. The best seller are photo albums and cards.

What Albanians buy for the New Year


Some people tend to spend more for the New Year, probably to do the best gift of the year to make happy their relatives. Smartphones or other electronic devices are also best gifts for this year. There are always some sales for these products during this season

Jewellery and clothes

A good watch or a necklace is always a favourable gift especially among couples. People love to do such presents to their loved ones. It is hardly to find sales in this product, but it is always an option. You can choose to buy even some souvenirs not expensive gifts in this regard

Many people continue to buy some new clothes for the New Year, even though here are not applied big sales like in UK with Boxing day. But there are some sales at TEG, in the main brands and you can profit maybe some good quality clothes.

...But is better to donate

But remember this festive season is all about donation, sharing what you have with other people. If you want to buy new clothes, take your oldest one, or what you don’t want to wear anymore, and give them to people in need. It will be good not to spend in luxury, but make possible that a poor family you know, or living close to you, to have enough food in the table. If everyone donates some money and food to the people in need, they also will feel the best festive season ever.


New Year’s Eve tradition in Albania

The dinner for New Year’s Eve is really a long tradition for Albanians. Differently from other European countries who celebrate Christmas in family, for Albanians the New Year's Eve dinner is the most important one.

New Year day in communism...

During the dictatorship regime, the Christmas Day, had no meaning, since Enver Hoxha established an atheist state. According to state archive the last Christmas wish, dated back in 1966, in a document which shows a telegram from the Head of Orthodox Church of Albania wishing Christmas to the Head of Albanian Catholic Church. We didn’t celebrate any religion day for more than 40 years. The most festive day of the year was the 31 st  of December.  Parents would  gets some toys for their kids, the shops were full with different foods we couldn’t find other time of the year.

The housewives took one day off to clean the house washing everything from curtains, blankets and carpets. The conversations in those days were all about how people progressed with cleaning buying and cooking. By cleaning and buying some small extras for the house, people were wishing and hoping that the  New Year would find them happier and in a better living conditions. 

It was related  also to another tradition on the first days of January, Albanians visited the houses of each other, relatives and neighbors, to wish Happy New Year.  In the morning you would visit your relative’s house, in the afternoon or the next day they would come and visit you. It was a competition feeling, who would offer more sweets, drinks, dried and fresh fruits and deserts. 

This festive day has to do more with the Food.  The food preparation started a week before the New Year with cooking the Bakllava (the traditional desert for New Year).

 traditional desert for New Year
Cooking the Bakllava, Source: Instagram-alta_group_albania

We recall that atmosphere of preparing for the big night, everyone was running to shops, to buy all food they could, and every family aimed at having a richer meal than previous year.  People invited each other, to have more relatives around the table, and to wait the New Year altogether. Albanians have been poor, but with a big heart, so no one was alone that day. People were also optimistic and always liked to project the coming year as more prosperous one.

Traditional food

The traditional dish has always been the baked or roasted turkey. People served it in different ways but the most favorable is with “Pershesh” (baked corn cake all mashed). But other areas for example in Gjirokaster prefer ‘meat pie ’, or  different lakrors. The people living close to sea or lake, prefered the fish or seafood. But most of them put in the table different kinds of meat, baked or cooked with plenty of side dishes. The table should be full with salads, desserts, drinks, and fruits, even in the families with few members.

Traditional food in Tirana
Traditional Food

People would dine and watch the special TV programs with music and humor that were prepared nationally with  actors from each city of Albania. The program lasted after midnight and then the public TV would show an exclusive movie until 2-3 in the morning. There was only one Public TV Channel. 

But this tradition is changing. Now families are cooking enough for themselves, serving the dishes they like most, for example sea foods, salads, or cold dishes or new recipes. There are still many families preserving  the tradition, which we really like. Nowadays it is trendy to celebrate the New Year in different restaurants, who are offering delicious menus. 


What to do in December 2020 in Tirana

Tirana is shining in December. The Christmas lights are lightening up everywhere in squares, shops, streets. The atmosphere is fantastic and people are staying outside enjoying the festive season. Children are the happiest in this period. They love the lights, the Christmas tree, but the most of all they love the gifts and presents from parents, from different festive activities involving Santa Claus etc

Christmas and new year in Tirana

What is the best thing to do in December 2020 in Tirana?

2020 is an unusual year, due to pandemic, whereas gathering for more than 10 people are banned. Therefore citizens are encouraged to stay mostly home, or to strictly respect social distance where they go outside or in other places.

The Municipality will not organize concerts, activities or fairs in Skanderbeg Square. People will miss this year the Christmas market, the hot coffee and chocolates in the square, the bars and children playgrounds. The main square will be quieter this year, even though people tend to make photos close to the biggest Christmas tree or in other festive installation.

Best things to do

Walking amid lights: The best thing to do is to walk in the lightening streets of the city. The most beautiful areas are: Skanderbeg Square, Pedestrian Street Toptani, Myslym Shyri Streets, Blloku Area, etc

Christmas and new year in Tirana

Shopping: Shopping malls such as Toptani, Teg, QTU, CityPark, Megatek etc are beautifully decorated and offering good sales during the Festive Season. Also they are organizing some entertaining shows, giving presents, organizing competitions etc. The best presents are souvenirs, books, toys for kids, clothes, wines etc


Cooking is the most preferred thing to do during this season. It is cold outside, so let’s enjoy the warm inside, trying to cook some delicious meals for the family. Also enjoying a cup of chocolate close to the fireplace, reading, or watching a movie. Don’t forget to cook something more for your neighbour in need of for other vulnerable people you know

Christmas and new year in Tirana


This is the best time of the year to look after others. You are buying many festive things, spending for decorations, for presents, while there are many people outside suffering, or are alone. You can help donating clothes, food, toys for kids, blankets etc. Do something to make everyone  enjoy this festive season.

Happy Christmas and New Year!


Winners of #TiranaAutumn2020

Visit Tirana organized the 17th social media photo contest in Instagram with hashtag #TiranaAutumn2020.

More than 400 photos were posted during 3 months, from 1 September to 30 November 2020.

Various autumn photos around Tirana were posted. Autumn colors, golden, yellow and red adorned out city. Amateur and professional photographers posted their photos on Instagram using the hashtag of our contest.

Top 3 photos were chosen to be part of Tirana Photo Festival 2020.

1. Rozana Xhaferaj


2. Armida Plumbi


3. Hysen Xhebexhiu