Things to do in Tirana in September 2022

A September to remember in Tirana!

This September is filled with amazing festivals, concerts and exhibitions. The weather is perfect to experience what Tirana has to offer, from city tours, participating in activities around the city, going for walks or hiking. 

What to do in September in Tirana

Events during this month

Tirana Photo Festival

Tirana Photo Festival is an annual Festival celebrating the art of photography and promoting Albania. The 5th edition promises exceptional submissions and applications from amateur and professional photographers from Albania and other countries. The exhibition will be held from 9-23 September 2022 at Galeria e Artit Tirane, while the award ceremony will be organized at 11 September, 17.00h. The entrance is free at the award ceremony, while the ticket for the exhibition is 50 Albanian Lek (approx. 50 cents). Also, during the days of the festival, photography workshops will be organized with lecturers Armand Habazaj and Bevis Fusha. This year's innovation is the organization of Photo Safari in two days with Albert Cmeta. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to photograph nature and its biodiversity.

What to do in September in Tirana

Rita Ora concert

Rita Ora will do a concert in Tirana, Albania, on September 6 as a part of Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 celebrations. The entrance is free!

What to do in September in Tirana

Tirana Digital Nomad Festival 

The Digital Nomad festival is a 3-day event that will connect worldwide digital nomads for an unforgettable experience in Albania.  This festival aims to present Tirana and its new unexplored projects that welcome all tech communities. 

What to do in September in Tirana

Mural Fest Tirana-4th Edition
Mural Art Fest is back in Tirana. From September 1st, until Sept 30th, 12 international artists will paint murals of different building around the city. This is the fourth edition. The opening ceremony presenting artists of this edition will be held at Reja, on September 5.

September Tirana

Arts & Culture

International Cultural Weeks in September.

Britsh Culture Week (1-11 September)

Sweden Culture Week (12-19 September)


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Tirana offers something for everyone, why not discover it now!


Things to do in Tirana in August 2022

From long nights by the lake to concerts at Amphitheater, Open air cinemas, long walks on the parks and vibrant nightlife are some of the things you can do in Tirana in August.

One of many reasons to be in Tirana in August is to attend the concert of Dua Lipa and other artists that will be perform on the stage of Sunny Hill Festival on August, 26, 27, 28. 

What to do in August in Tirana

During the afternoons and evenings in Tirana, you see so much exuberance in the main centers. Skanderbeg Square is the place where all the people gather, families and friends, youngsters stroll around the biggest square in the country. The number of tourists is high in August, and you can see them in the city center taking picture everywhere. While two other famous attractions: The New Bazaar and the Castle of Tirana are always full of people, almost every day you will find activities being held at these important spots of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

During weekends you can go to Erzen River to refresh, the Cyclops’ Eye natural gem or in the many lakes of Tirana. Swimming pools are another option and you can find many of them in the suburbs of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

To enjoy the fresh air and escape from the summer heat, go to Dajti Mountain and enjoy a fantastic day starting with the cable car ride to the Adventure Park and a good lunch at Ballkoni Dajti restaurant. Also, you can choose to visit other green areas around Tirana, and we have a list here.

What to do in August in Tirana

The museums are open all through August. From the National History Museum, House of Leaves, House Museum of Ismail Kadare, Bunk'Art you can visit them in August.

Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti


We wish you a pleasant stay!


A weekend away from Tirana - for everyone with a little adventure spirit and a heart for nature

You want to get away from the hustle and bustle in Tirana? We have the perfect solution for you. One weekend at the Butterfly Camping in Dibra!

Things to do in Tirana in July

Labinoti, a 34-year-old local, built the beautiful camp with his own hands and is managing the camp with passion for tourism, nature and outdoor sports, with the support of his family. He will make sure you feel welcome and have an absolute great time at his camp.

You can enjoy different activities during your stay, from hiking, biking and rafting, to watching the sunset overlooking the rolling hills and mountains. Or you can go swimming in the Black Drin, only foot steps away from your tent door, relax in one of the hammocks and enjoy delicious homecooked local food, before sitting around the bonfire and watching the stars and milky way above you.

Things to do in Tirana in July

You will not find a place like this anywhere else in Albania, and on top of that in a special area like Dibra, untouched and so much to explore. Once you are there, Labinoti can help you organize trips and activities if you want to explore the region. Get in contact with him via Facebook or Instagram if you want to find out more or book an amazing get away for you, your family, friends or your partner. Everyone is welcome at Butterfly Camping!

Things to do in Tirana in July


Conde Nast Traveler-Tirana, one of the most Underrated European Cities

 “Ditch your guidebooks and venture to these lesser-known gems”, that’s what the article of Conde Nast Traveler, the American luxury and lifestyle magazine, writes about some of the more “surprising destinations” of Europe, also including the buzzing and interesting capital of Albania, Tirana. The article describes Tirana as historically interesting, young and close to nature. Read what the article says about Tirana:

Things to do in Tirana in July

"A visit to Tirana offers at once a glimpse into Albania’s unsettling (yet captivating) recent history and an invigorating taste of a vibrant, rapidly evolving capital. The city combines fascinating architectural reminders of the country’s communist chapter with a distinctly youthful energy, perhaps best encapsulated by the metamorphosis of the monumental 1988 Tirana Pyramid into a youth-focused cultural hub. The city center is walkable and full of places to simply ‘be’ (take a seat on the sofa-eques benches of Skanderbeg Square, iced coffee in hand), with nature never feeling too far away—courtesy not least of the vast Grand Park and majestic Mount Dajti, which flanks the city.

For stellar views and a sense of the landscape surrounding Tirana, head up Mount Dajti with the cable car, before taking a culinary journey through Albania at restaurant Mullixhiu, which feels like a country retreat on the edge of the Grand Park. To experience the best of Tirana nightlife, make a beeline for the Blloku neighborhood."

Read the full article here!


Things to do in Tirana in July 2022

Tirana in July is less populated during the daylight hours due to the high temperatures and because many people are heading to coastal cities. But that does not mean that Tirana isn’t lively. In the late afternoon and in the evenings, Tirana has a fantastic atmosphere, the "Skanderbeg" square is crowded with families, young people riding a bike & kids playing.

Things to do in Tirana in July

The Artificial Lake Park is another destination for the long summer nights, where people can enjoy the cinema under the stars. The movie starts every night at 21.00, but you have to be there 1 hour before.Things to do in Tirana in July

The evenings are full of emotions and excitement at "Skënderbej" square and around other parks.

The first week of July is dedicated to Turkish Culture. Concerts, exhibitions, movies and workshops will be organized from June 29th to July 7th.

Things to do in Tirana in July

If you are interested in Tirana's traditional dish, well you are here at the right time to be at the Fergesa Festival on July 11th.

Things to do in Tirana in July

Travel Fest-International Movie Week in Tirana

Travel Fest Albania in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Agency brings the International Film Festival from 18th to 24th July. In total, about 128 films will be screened with 42 participating countries in four different locations, from 20:00 to 23:00 and 09:30 t0 12:30. 

The opening and closing of the festival will take place in the Tirana Amphitheater. Afterwards, the show will take place in Rinia Park (Youth Park).

Things to do in Tirana in July

For kids there are many options for entertainment and education with Summer Camps which are open during July and August at the Grand Park of Tirana. 

To beat the summer heat you can escape to the swimming pools of Tirana, Our favorite is Swimming Pool Tagani, for its clean waters, security, and the surrounding greenery.

Things to do in Tirana in July

If you love hiking, then you will probably love the Canyons of Erzeni and the Eye of the Cyclops to swim in the turquoise waters.

Things to do in Tirana in July

Enjoy your stay in Tirana!


Flying over Erzen River with Zipline Albania

One of the most amazing experiences you will find in Tirana, Zipline Albania will take you on Zip flight over Erzen River leaving behind Petrela Castle. It is such a safe activity that it is recommended without restrictions for all ages above 10 years old. A flight with Zipline Albania will give you a spectacular view, where on one side the magnificent Petrela Castle rises, and below the Erzeni River and the magnificent green hills. It is the longest Zipline in the Balkans, about 1 km long and only a few kilometers away from Tirana.

Zipline in Tirana

The road trip to Petrela

We left Tirana in the afternoon to be able to experience this moment during sunset. We took the secondary road Tirana-Elbasan, or you can take the highway and take the turn to Mullet. There are two ways to go to Zipline Albania. You can stop at the Zipline terminal on the secondary road opposite the 'Octopad' restaurant. Or take the Petrela road, and stop right at the mountain station where your ride starts. It's very easy to spot, on the left where to stop, as there are all the Zipline logo ads.

It is recommended to park at the terminal station, as parking is guaranteed and it is easier for you to take the car back home when you finish the ride. After the ride you will find a Zipline Albania car that takes you back up to Petrela, to the starting point of the ride.

Zipline in Tirana

Preparing before the ride

When you arrive at the departure station, the staff will put on your harness and instruct you for the entire ride. Please read carefully all the rules before departure. If you have any health problems you should talk to the staff. Other rules include tie your hair, removing accessories, cell phones and keys that you may lose during the ride. It is good to wear sneakers and no hats as they can fall off too. However, the staff will assist you with everything so that you do not lose anything during the ride. The main message they give you is not to be afraid. The only thing that can scare you a little is the wind which can turn you on the descent where the speed is higher, but then everything stabilizes when the initial speed decreases until you reach the destination.



Fear is human, and for someone who has never done something like this, while looking down to the river, the height of the hill, and the distance to the arriving destination, it is normal to be afraid. But as soon as they secure you well and when the staff makes it easier by explaining everything

And as soon as the staff asks: Are you ready? You nod your head and the rope is released. You are in the air; you are flying like a bird. It descends like a parachute into such a beautiful, green valley. Petrela Castle rises on the side, as if guaranteeing more security and protection. As you look down you notice the beautiful green hills, and the valley of Erzen and the small red roof houses. It feels like a dream. You don’t fear anymore. It’s like the time has stopped for a moment. You can shout as loud as you want and release all the negative energies. And you’re about to arrive at the final destination as you notice the staff waving to you and taking pictures. And finally you reach the station.

Wow, I did it!  I can’t believe I did this. This flight was wholesome! After this amazing experience you want to do it again. The friendly staff asks you about the whole experience as they help you take off your harness. - How did you feel, were you afraid?

Zipline in Tirana

Safe and for all ages

It seems like a sport for young people, but it's so safe that everyone should try it at least once. The staff told us that the oldest one was 85 years old and the youngest was a 10 years old boy. There’s an age and weight restriction, not only because of the normal fear of a child not having a parent nearby, but also the light body weight, which can cause the wind to rotate the body several times as it flies. And the body weight must be more than 35 kg.  


About Zipline Albania

It’s so amazing that we don’t have to travel far to do this experience, it’s just half an hour from Tirana. The founders are Albanian engineers, educated in the west Europe. They came back in Albania and invested creating an amazing attraction in Albania. These guys wanted to bring something different to our Tirana, giving value to the tourism of the capital. It took them 5 years to build this, they studied the area and Petrela has the amazing views and it’s easily accessible.

Spent two hours of your week to fully charge yourself with energy. The ticket price is very reasonable for such an experience, only 15 euro / person.


What else you can do in Petrela

The Zipline is very accessible, there are public busses going to the surrounding villages, including Petrela, Mullet and beyond. You can visit Petrela Castle (Skanderbeg built for his sister Mamica). Inside the castle there’s a traditional restaurant, amazing food and beautiful interior. A little further, in front of Petrela, for all culture lovers, is the Castle of Persqop, the ruins, but with a story to tell, an ancient city of the IV century.

The area offers not only the Erzeni River which during summer people prefer to take sunbaths at the so-called Mamica beach near the Illuminatum restaurant, but there are also a large number of agritourism farms. There are also a large number of pools and resorts where you can spend your time. Zipline Albania is added value to the capital and the area surrounding Petrela.


Things to do in Tirana in June 2022

Summer is here! Everday something new happens in Tirana. The main squares and parks of Tirana are full of locals and foreign visitors strolling around and enjoying the lifestyle of the Albanian capital.

Things to do in Tirana in June

The 1st of June is Children's Day in Albania, plenty of activities are planned on this day in different areas of the city, such "Grand Park, Skanderbeg square, Rinia Park, Tirana Castle etcc". While on June 4th, is the reopening of the Zoo Park, which was closed for restoration.

Things to do in Tirana in June

The first week of June is the celebration of Italian Culture in Albania.

Italian Week brings Italy to Albania with activities for everyone, cuisine, music, tradition, you will all experience in different days and places in Tirana, the last night will be the concert of Albano Caris, at the Amphitheater of Tirana. 

See full program!

Things to do in Tirana in June

Color Day Festival Albania one the biggest festivals in Albania this year will be held in two days, June 11-12. In addition to local artists, world-famous singer Lil Pump will perform at Mother Teresa Square.

Things to do in Tirana in June

June is the perfect month to get some sunshine in the parks of Tirana, to organize a picnic or to enjoy cinemas in open spaces. Cycling around the lake, or walking are some of the other activities you can enjoy mostly in the afternoons.

Things to do in Tirana in June

During the hot days, refresh yourself in the swimming pools of the capital, one of our favorites is the Tagan Swimming Pool Complex.  It is situated in a favorable geographic position, with fresh air, crystal waters, green nature, surrounded by beautiful hills and absolute tranquility. In this complex you can find relax, sport and entertainment where every person can choose a physical activity for the well-being of his body and mind, individually or oriented by instructors and coaches, everything connected to the water element.

Things to do in Tirana in June

During the weekends you can explore the villages of Tirana, or spend a day at the Adventure Park in Dajti, a fantastic place for children and adults. For real adventurers can try the zipline in Petrela, an unforgettable experience for anyone.

Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti


Lea from Germany shares her impressions after visiting Bovilla Lake

Lea from Germany is doing an internship in Albania in the field of Sustainable Tourism. During her free time, she’s exploring Tirana and other cities and started to write articles about her trips to share experiences. The first article is about her family daytrip to Bovilla Lake.

“I had a long weekend in April during my stay in Tirana and as my family was visiting me from Germany, I decided not only to show them Tirana, but also to explore the surroundings. If you have seen Tirana already or you are not a big fan of museums or you simply like nature, hiking and exploring, these day-trips might be just right for you. You can do them all on one long weekend or spread them out over different ones.

As it looked like the weather will get worse the next couple of days, we decided to go to Bovilla Lake on Saturday to have a clear view of the lake. It was one of the things I wanted to do since I arrived in Tirana. We had hired a car for the whole weekend.

I think you need a car or a driver to get to Bovilla Lake. We left around 10 or 11am. It takes one hour to drive there, simply because the road conditions are bad (it’s actually only like 20 km), but we managed with a normal car! Even the drive there is beautiful once you are out of the city. We parked at the bottom, next to the dam and started walking up the road and then on the hiking trail next to the road (half way up there is a red and white sign that you can follow up).

Daytrip to Bovilla Lake Tirana

 After maybe 20 minutes walking up, there is a restaurant and also parking, so you can also drive up the serpentines, which we didn’t know. If you want to go even further up and have a breathtaking view of the lake you have to pass the restaurant and leave it to your right and make your way to the stairs (you can see them from the restaurant). There you have to pay 100 Lek/person to use the stairs and the platform on the top. The path is a bit difficult at some spots and I would recommend wearing good shoes and not going there if it's raining and wet. You have to use your hands sometimes. Once you are at the top you can enjoy the view, take pictures and maybe eat your lunch (that’s what we did).

Daytrip to Bovilla Lake Tirana

There are other hiking options that we didn’t know about, respectively didn’t find, but they take much longer and I think you should be more experienced and plan a full day for them. One option would be to hike to Mount Gamtit and then further on to Herraj and back up on the road. There is a map of this hiking trail down at the lake, at the end of the dam.

The second option would be to hike to Mount Gamtit and back the same way (Wikiloc | Mali i Gamnit from the east side Trail). We tried to find this trail but didn’t. After coming back down from the platform, we had a little bit time left, so we walked passed the restaurant (leave it to your left), in the direction of Ranzë to find the start of this other trail. It was a nice path, through walnut plantations and fields, with a view of the lake. At some point we turned around and walked back on the road till the bottom. We returned to Tirana around 7pm and went to Veggies, a nice vegetarian/vegan Restaurant in Blloku.”


Written by Lea Lohmueller


What to do in Tirana in May 2022

Welcome to the perfect time for visiting Tirana. May is the best month to enjoy the city, for its wonderful weather. This is the liveliest month even regarding the activities in open space, since they can gather the highest number of participants. That is because starting from June and two other months of the summer, Tirana is quieter since every one run to the beach. It is also the last month of school for the elementary and high school.

What to do in May 2018 in Tirana

The first day of May is a Public Holiday. It is the Labour Day, but it is a tradition now in Albania that it is considered just a day off for workers, in comparison with other countries where this day is a Day of Protesters. While, on May 5th is the Day of Martyrs, where a ceremony is held on the Martyr's Cemetery in Tirana.

Events and culture

Olen Cesari Show returns to the Palace of Congresses after 3 years.
2 unforgettable nights (5-6 May) with laser show and special guests.

What to do in May 2022 in Tirana

One of the greatest sports events in Tirana is Tiranathlon and it will be held on May 29th, at Farka Lake.

Athletes from around the world will gather on 29th of May at lake Farka/Hellenic Park to compete at a beautiful, safe and high level set up that will provide a unique and unforgettable experience to all contestants and spectators.

Visit www.tiranathlon.com check out the distances, challenge yourself, register and be part of this adventure.

What to do in May 2022 in Tirana


What to do in May 2018 in Tirana

May is perfect for outdoor activities, hiking and climbing. The most preferred destinations are Dajti Adventure Park, which will be open in 1st of May, after winter closure; Bovilla Lake is one of the most popular places for local tourists lately, while other interesting destinations are Cyclops Eye, Erzeni Canyons etc.  Also you can go for a family weekend picnic at Farka Lake, Peza Village, Petrela Castle etc. Places where you can enjoy the beauty of the spring nature.

What to do in May 2018 in Tirana



Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti


Wishing you a great stay in Tirana!


What to do in Tirana in April 2022

Warm weather, springtime atmosphere, plenty of activities are some of the reasons you should visit Tirana in April. It is the most flourishing month in every sense. Plenty of events are planned on the occasion of “Tirana European Youth Capital”, which you can find the calendar here!

 April in Tirana 2022

Happy Easters!

April 15,16,17 are the dates marked for Catholic believers who celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Every year, they  attend the Catholic Easter services at St. Paul's Cathedral in Tirana. While Orthdox Easter are celebrated i 22, 23, 24 April. 

 The Pyramid in Tirana


A Spring Adventure

Walking in the parks, at Lake Park, Rinia, Park or traveling in rural Tirana is the best thing you can do in April. Travel to Bovilla Lake, Farka or Kashar, Peza or Shengjergj, Pellumbas Preza or Petrela, Tujan or Mali me Gropa, - all these places offer spectacular nature which is blossoming in April.

 April in Tirana 2022

We would recommend you to see our site (outside Tirana) and choose a place to visit especially during weekends. 

Do not forget to participate in the Instagram photo contest #TiranaSpring2022, post photos of spring in Tirana.

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Some suggestions from Visit Tirana on where to eat and sleep while in Tirana:

Recommended hotels: Unik HotelHabitat Hotel

Recommended restaurants: Gambero GourmetAmo Sushi, Habitat Restaurant  Pizzeria Pavarotti

Happy April in Tirana!


Dental tourism brings more visitors in Tirana, Albania

Have you ever thought about travelling for pleasure and at the same time do your dental services within budget? Well, you are in the perfect place, Dental tourism in Tirana has seen a rise over the past years due to cheaper labor and material costs. Emerald Dental Clinic offers a full package with personalized treatment to amend all your aesthetic problems.

The Emerald will cover the ticket flight, transport, accommodation in 4star hotel, and tours around Tirana. The staff will prepare your stay and organize your day according to your needs and the medical treatment at the clinic.

About Emerald Dental

EMERALD Dental Polyclinic has as its main goal the promotion of oral health as well as the provision of complex dental services and the treatment of diseases, anomalies, which appear at all ages through a specialized and professional service of a high level.

This service is made possible thanks to the technology, modern equipment that the polyclinic has, but also by the professionalism, the quality of work provided by experienced medical staff.

The polyclinic offers dental service according to all international conditions and standards. Doctors, equipment and materials are certified according to EU standards.

In the polyclinic you will find professional service, at reasonable costs:

-Dental implant using TITANIUM and ZIRCONIUM implants, single-phase with immediate crown and biphasic, the crown is placed after 3 to 6 months, after the implant is integrated with the bone.

- Replacement of missing teeth with bridges, ceramic, zircon, etc., removable dentures with or without implants

- Steering the teeth with the classic method, metal and ceramic brackets, pulling in the arch of the remaining teeth in the bone. 3D teeth guidance through transparent masks according to the innovative method and shortening time (Invisalign).

- Oral surgery, surgical extractions of mature teeth, cystectomy, sinus lifting, laser gingivoplasty to correct gingival smile, retained teeth, tongue ligation, lip ligation.

- Correction of bruxism (tooth clenching) with muscle botox.

- Aesthetic Smile. Correcting a gummy smile, composite facets, E-max facets, planned by the program "Digital Smile".

- Facial aesthetics, correction with Botox and Filler.



Dental Toursim

Take care of your oral health, and also visit interesting attractions in Tirana.

They will take care of your transport from the airport to the clinic/hotel. Accommodation is also provided by them, with a selection of rooms to fit any of your or companion needs. Relax from the flight, clear your mind and rest for a few before continuing with the dental services or any activity you'd like.

Other contributions

Emerald Dental also offers informative conferences with parents and young doctors on oral health.

The patient will receive a complete service from dental check-up, imaging, remote consultations in addition to treatment in the clinic.

The polyclinic cooperates closely with the Institution of the Municipality of Tirana, where recently there is an agreement on the program "Tirana European Youth Capital 2022: Students and young people who will attend the city of Tirana will benefit 1,000 gift services.

Emerald Dental is located in one of the main arteries of Tirana: "Rruga e Kavajes Pallati me Shigjeta", where every citizen comes easily from the airport "Mother Teresa", as well as from all ports of Albania.


Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania

14 March is a unique festive day in Albania, not known or celebrated elsewhere. Locals call it Summer Day, even though it is celebrated in the first days of spring. Summer day was the first day year of an ancient calendar of Albanians, a day celebrated centuries before the birth of Christianity. It was celebrated by March 1st of the Julian calendar, the first day of the New Year (according to the Gregorian calendar, "March 14").

Summer Day in Tirana

It started to be celebrated massively in all over the country only the last decade, but its roots are deep in the ancient time in the city of Elbasan.  Now every year on March 14, Albanians celebrate Dita e Verës (Summer Day), the country's largest pagan festival. People celebrate the end of winter, the rebirth of nature, and a rejuvenation of spirit among Albanians. Although the epicenter of this festival is around Shkumbin region in Elbasan, the festival is widely celebrated in Tirana. In 2004, Summer Day became an official holiday in Albania. On this day and even since March 1st, many people usually wear a traditional bracelet called Verore (a word derived from summer) made of two thin braided strings usually red and white. At the end of the day, the bracelet is hung on a tree branch for good luck, and is believed that birds use it to build their nests.

The history

Dita e Veres is one of the oldest traditional day mostly celebrated in Elbasan. This festival origin is tracked to the temple of the Mountain Muse (Zana Malit) that was built near the city of Shkumbin (Elbasan). Muse was the goddess of hunting, forests and nature and she would come out of her temple only on March 14, which marked the beginning of the summer. This legend was passed from the generation to generation, and Summer Day festival is known for its unique cultural heritage and traditions. This popular celebration was a tradition that today identifies the city of Elbasan, known for special cultural traditions. It is a community wide event, with families often exchanging the traditional Ballokume, a sugar and corn flour cookie. Each family has its own recipe, considered a source of pride.  Some decades ago people went to Elbasan to celebrate this day, but now it became a national festival. In every city, people celebrate the end of winter in very festive atmosphere and the tradition of cooking ballokume now is expanded from north to south of Albania.

Summer Day, a unique festive day of Albania



Street Party in Tirana