10.1 million tourists visited Albania in 2023

10.1 million tourists visited Albania in 2023. The tourists came from six continents, mostly Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. There was also a significant increase in arrivals from Turkey, with 200,000 tourists, or 110% more than the previous year. Comparing it with 2022, it can be seen that the increase is 34.6%. According to the Institute of Statistics, only in December did 616,994 foreign citizens enter our country, 57.6% more than in December 2022. It is noted that the arrivals of tourists mark the most significant increase for holidays with 65%, followed by after for personal and business purposes.

Most foreign visitors were from Europe, with 571,348 citizens, followed by America and East Asia / Pacific. On the other hand, it can be seen that in December 2023, there were fewer trips by Albanians to other countries compared to December of the previous year, which shows a decrease of 5.1%.

Expectations for 2024

Expectations for 2024 are that the record set last year will be surpassed. Although it is February, we meet tourists on the streets with curiosity to get to know our country. On the other hand, the promotions from foreign media continue for the beauties that Albania offers as a destination that must be visited in 2024. Some articles include National Geographic: The 30 Most Exciting Destinations to Visit in 2024, Washington Post: Where to Travel in 2023, etc. This year, the expectation is to welcome about 13 to 15 ml tourists.

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