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Albanian art is special, enriched over the years with Ottoman, Venetian and western elements. The first Albanian school of painting arose in the early years of the twentieth century with the works of Kolë Idromeno, Spiro Xega, Andrea Kushi and Simon Rrota. Well-known classical painters of the twentieth century include Vangjush Mio, Abdurrahim Buza, Zef Kolombi, Sadik Kaceli, Nexhmedin Zajmi, Guri Madhi and Vilson Kilica. Vangjush Mio opened the first personal art exhibition in Albania in 1920. During communism, there was only the National Art Gallery, but nowadays there are many private galleries that have opened in the city, hosting fantastic paintings, sculptures and art collections.

National Gallery of Arts

The National Gallery of Arts is a state institution under the care of the…

Deshmoret e Kombit, boulevard

The Art Gallery of Tirana

The Art Gallery of Tirana is an Institution dependent to the Municipality of Tirana.

Rruga Kavajës, Godina e Prefekturës së Qarkut Tiranë

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