Tirana Art Gallery

  • Gat-Tirana Art Gallery is an Art Gallery of the city of Tirana, opened in 2021 by the Municipality of Tirana in support of the visual arts scene.

    The vision of GAT Tirana is to become a center point of promoting Albanian visual art -its past legacy, contemporary reality and future perspectives to its community and the visitors alongside the international trends. The main focus of GAT as public art gallery is to provoke discussion and present new ideas through visual art, to support visual artists, to promote and exhibit their work to the public, to collectors, to the media and to generally enrich the life of the community through art.

    It aims to become a City Gallery that creates exhibitions and events in cohesion with the contemporary reality of Tirana. Supports ideas born and based on exploring its own people and phenomena, focusing on issues or interpretations from urban features to socio psychological transformation, together with revisiting past legacy from creative skills to collections.

    rr. Kavajes, Tirane



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