Hotels in Tirana

Tirana offers a wide range of hotels, from budget to luxury, to fit everyone’s lifestyle. Most hotels are small with an average of 20–30 rooms. The largest include Plazza Hotel (190 rooms) Tirana International Hotel (170 rooms), Sheraton (151) and Rogner (136). In most you will find international standards of comfort and services. Albanians have a passion for luxury, having been deprived of it for more than half a century. Most hotels have spacious rooms with luxury amenities, to suit business people and leisure travellers. We have only selected a few that we recommend as being the top service hotels in Tirana.

Marriott Hotel Tirana

Gracefully designed in the heart of downtown Tirana with a unique location overlooking the…

Sheshi Italia, Tirana, Albania

Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel

If you want to have the best view from the capital city of Tirana…

Linze, Tirana

Habitat Hotel in Tirana- Visit Tirana

If you are looking for a comfortable stay and near center of Tirana, Habitat…

Rr. Kavajes, Kompleksi Delijorgji

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