Museums in Tirana

The most unusual museums are to be found in Tirana: a huge bunker used by the communist government as shelter of last resort in a time of war has been turned into museum; a once infamous house covered with leaves was the one-time spy HQ from where hundreds of thousands of Albanians were persecuted during the dictatorship; it has been turned into a museum, the House of Leaves, and houses thousands of files and espionage devices; the National Museum, the largest in the country, hosts objects and stories from pre-historic times up until the period of communism, with photos, videos and stories from one of the longest-lasting and most repressive regime in Europe.

National Historical Museum

If you are keen to know the turbulent history of the Albanians, this is…

Sheshi “ Skënderbej”, Bulevardi “Zogu I”, Tiranë

House of Leaves Museum

House of Leaves is one of the most unusual museums in Albania. It is…

Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Tirana 1000, Albania

Ismail Kadare house museum Tirana

To live means to leave traces. The famous novelist Ismail Kadare is one of…

Rruga e Dibrës 25, Tirana, Albania

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is situated in Mother Teresa Square. It was the first…

Sheshi Nene Tereza, Tirana

The Museum of the Bank of Albania

The Museum of the Bank of Albania was inaugurated on 30 October 2015, combining…

Rruga Ibrahim Rugova

The Armed Forces Museum

The Armed Forces Museum was opened in December 2023 in a vast territory in…

Berzxhite Rruga Nacionale Tirane Elbasan

Museum of Natural Sciences Tirana

One of the most exceptional museums you should visit in Albania is the Museum…

Rruga Petro Nini Luarasi, No. 80, Tirane

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