National Historical Museum

  • If you are keen to know the turbulent history of the Albanians, this is the place to visit. The National History Museum is the most important museum in Albania and contains a well-documented history of the country.

    The museum is divided into eight pavilions: Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Independence, Iconography, National Liberation Anti-fascism War, Communist Terror, and Mother Teresa. The Pavilion of Communist Terror hosts images, documents and videos of the persecution suffered by the Albanians during the communist regime.
    A visit here can take up to three hours, so pace yourself!

    Prize: 500 Lek/person since 1 January 2020
    -400 leke/person for groups more than 12 persons
    -Free entry for children under 12 years old
    -Reduced prize for students who have student card
    -Reduced prize for children from 12-18 years old
    -Reduced prize for orphans, disabled and retired people
    Free entry days for all:
    – 18 April, International Days of Monuments and Culture Heritage 
    – 18 May, International Days of Museums
    – 21 May, World Day for cultural diversity for Dialogue and Development
    – 29 September, National Day of Heritage/European Days of Cultural Heritage
    – 28 November, Independence Day (only for albanian citizens);
    – 29 November, Liberation Day (only for albanian citizens);
    – The last Sunday of each month (only for albanian citizens).

    Sheshi “ Skënderbej”, Bulevardi “Zogu I”, Tiranë


    Tuesday- Sunday 10 AM–5 PM
    Monday Closed

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