Monuments & Cultural Sites

Monuments & Cultural Sites – Tirana has many monuments and cultural sites scattered around the city to the surprise of first-time visitors. Communist-era objects contrast against modern glass-façade buildings with trendy bars and chic shops. Ottoman, Italian, Islamic, Stalinist and capitalist influences are all thrown together in no particular order, making their exploration great fun. Tirana received a facelift when old grey apartment blocks were painted in bright colours. The colourful façades have become a pleasant attraction in the city. Other cultural monuments include places of worship, the mosques and churches, each of which has a unique story behind it, waiting for you to discover.

Tanners’ Bridge

The Tanners’ Bridge is an 18th century Ottoman stone footbridge located in Tirana. It…

Blv. Zhan d’Ark, Tirane

Tirana mosaic

The Tirana Mosaic is a famous Albanian landmark thought to have been part of…

Street: Sander Prosi

Et’hem Bey Mosque

A unique mosque situated in the very heart of Tirana. The mosque, the Clock…

Sheshi Skënderbej, 1000, Albania

Clock Tower Tirana

The Clock Tower is a cultural monument that has shown the time in Tirana…

Skanderbeg Square

The Bride’s Tomb

Albanians are famous for legends and stories related to many places all over the…

Mullet Village, Tirana-Elbasan Highway

Sali Shijaku’s old villa

This 300-year-old villa belong to the Albanian famous painter, Sali Shijaku, where he lives…

Rruga Vildan Luarasi, Tirana, Albania

Kapllan Pasha’s Tomb

Kapllan Pasha’s Tomb is located in the centre of Tirana. It formed part of…

Rruga 28 Nëntori, Tirana 1000

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