location_category: Monuments & Cultural Sites

  • Kapllan Pasha’s Tomb

    Kapllan Pasha’s Tomb is located in the centre of Tirana. It formed part of a monumental cemetery complex of the…
  • Sali Shijaku’s old villa

    This 300-year-old villa belong to the Albanian famous painter, Sali Shijaku, where he lives and works.
  • The Bride’s Tomb

    Albanians are famous for legends and stories related to many places all over the country. In Tirana we have spotted…
  • Clock Tower Tirana

    The Clock Tower is a cultural monument that has shown the time in Tirana since 1822. It stands beside Et’hem…
  • Et’hem Bey Mosque

    A unique mosque situated in the very heart of Tirana. The mosque, the Clock Tower, National Museum and National Theatre…
  • Tirana mosaic

    The Tirana Mosaic is a famous Albanian landmark thought to have been part of a Roman villa of the third…
  • Tanners’ Bridge

    The Tanners' Bridge is an 18th century Ottoman stone footbridge located in Tirana. It is 8 m long, 2.5 m…