Skanderbeg square


Tirana is a charming and intriguing city. It has unique monuments and history. It is a melting pot of cultures dating way beyond the Ottoman times through the Italian occupation and a long-lasting totalitarian regime. Lonely Planet and other prestigious travel platforms and magazines describe Tirana as an intriguing, vibrant and lovely city, but complicated and unique in its kind. Expect to be surprised by the variety and contrasts you will find here. Relics of the old regime, grey and abandoned set against new colourful constructions. This is our city, this is Tirana!

Skanderbeg Monument and Square

Skanderbeg Monument in Skanderbeg Square has been regarded for more than half a century…

The center of Tirana

Palace of Brigades in Tirana

Many of you have heard about the Presidential Palace in Tirana, the former Royal…

Rruga e Elbasanit 58, Tirana 1019, Albania

The Cloud of Sou Fujimoto

The Cloud is an art installation placed in front of National Gallery of Arts…

Boulevard of Martyrs, Tirana, Albania

Arena Center & Air Albania Stadium

Arena Center is a new authentic and modern experience that includes everything in one place…

Arena Center

New Bazaar

The New Bazaar is located at Avni Rustemi Sqaure, only 8 minute walk from…

Avni Rustemi Square

Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral of Tirana

Tirana’s Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral is not just a Cathedral. It is the…

Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Tirana 1001

Postbllok (Checkpoint) Tirana

Postblloku (Checkpoint), the Memorial to Communist Isolation, commemorates the country’s political prisoners who suffered under…

Bulevardi Deshmoret e Kombit

Independence monument

The monument placed in Rinia Park next to the capital’s central boulevard was inaugurated…

Rruga Myslym Shyri, Tiranë, Albania

Bektashi World Center

The Bektashi World Centre in the north-eastern suburbs of Tirana features a vast and impressive tekke…

Rr. Dhimiter Karmada

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