The Pyramid of Tirana

  • The Pyramid of Tirana is now the most special attraction in Tirana, which can now be called the symbol of the controversial history of Albania. The pyramid was erected as a mausoleum of the former dictator Enver Hoxha with his daughter Pranvera and her husband Klement Kolaneci as architects.

    A structure in the shape of a pyramid or in the shape of an eagle with open wings when seen from a distance which is located in the middle of the main Boulevard of the city, near the Prime Minister’s Office. The pyramid, after experiencing a lot of history, from Enver Hoxha’s museum, to the Fair Center, theater, cultural center, bar and disco, television studio in the last ten years was almost on the verge of degradation and unusable.

    Several times in the Albanian parliament there have been strong debates on whether to destroy it or not, as a part of those persecuted by Enver Hoxha’s regime called it a symbol of communism that should be completely destroyed. But its destruction was also stopped by numerous protests by citizens who do not want any history of the city to be destroyed.

    Left in a state of disrepair, the Pyramid was given for construction to the AADF who contracted the world-renowned studio MVRD. Now the Pyramid has kept its base, but it has become more modern and with many small colorful boxes scattered around turning into an entertainment space for the community. Today, the pyramid is used for conferences, studio workshops, technology centers such as Tumo, but also entertainment centers, bars and restaurants. The stairs give the public the opportunity to own the monument, that is, to stand on the symbol of the dictator, as well as to look at the city with a new eye. After climbing to the top of the pyramid, a special platform allows enjoying a complete panorama of the city.

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