Bektashi World Center

  • The Bektashi World Centre in the north-eastern suburbs of Tirana features a vast and impressive tekke (teqe) with a fascinating museum in the basement and a small gift shop where visitors can buy various Bektashi-related souvenirs. The Teqe is adorned from top to bottom with marbled mosaics in the most breath-taking array of colours and patterns. The Bektashi Order is a dervish sect that fuses elements of predominantly Shia and Sufi thought into a unique blend of Islamic belief and philosophy.

    Banned briefly by the Ottoman authorities in 1826, the Bektashi Order re-emerged later in the 19th century only to be outlawed again by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk soon after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, an event that led the order to move its headquarters to Albania in 1925.

    The final restoration of the religious complex was inaugurated on 8th September 2015 in the presence of the heads of all religious communities in Albania and representatives of Islam communities from elsewhere in the Balkans, Europe and beyond. Albania is well known throughout the world for its religious tolerance.

    Rr. Dhimiter Karmada



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