The Bride’s Tomb

  • Albanians are famous for legends and stories related to many places all over the country. In Tirana we have spotted many of these interesting places or monuments and one of them is the legend of the bride’s Tomb.

    This story belongs to XVII century. It is not so old, which is why people still remember and talk about it. It is not just a story in paper, but related to a place that exists.  The Bride’s Tomb is situated in the Mullet Village, close to Maxhara Church.

    It is in a middle of a field and stands in very good conditions. The legend says that a bride was killed there in her wedding day. Two rival groups were encountered in this place and start shooting. The convoy with a bride was passing at that moment on that way. She was shot accidentally and died there. In that place, the villagers built this monument called The Bride’s Tomb.


    Mullet Village, Tirana-Elbasan Highway

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