The Armed Forces Museum

  • The Armed Forces Museum was opened in December 2023 in a vast territory in Berzhite, Tirane. The mission of the Armed Forces Museum is to identify, collect, select, and make accessible for the people interested in the military inheritance of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania”.

    The Museum of Albanian Armed Forces is exposed to 3,600 museum exhibits and continues to be enriched with new exhibits.

    The exhibits in the museum pavilions are mainly weaponry, equipment, documents, symbols, etc.

    A recently opened museum shows the history of Albanian armaments and historical documents from the time of the Illyrians to NATO, our modern armaments. The museum displays several hundred historical objects divided into collections: From the Illyrians to the Abri, The era of Skanderbeg, Pashalleqet, Independence, Monarchy, and the National Liberation War. Meanwhile, you will visit Main Hall, Pavilion of Tradition, Years 1940-1944, Cold War, NATO, and Naval and Air Force. There is also an outdoor exhibition where you will find Vehicles, heavy combat vehicles, artillery, air vehicles, and naval vehicles.

    The exhibits’ exposure and treatment are done using different methods, techniques, and modern technology attained through scenography, décor, lighting, and conservation.

    The Armed Forces Museum is available to domestic and foreign visitors. It has awakened the sensitivity and attention of citizens, especially veterans, active and reserve servicemen, historians, scholars, researchers, students, etc. Students of military academies of different profiles and high school students of all levels will find suitable conditions to visit and pursue the development of classes for events with military and historic character.

    Berzxhite Rruga Nacionale Tirane Elbasan

    Hours of work and service to domestic and foreign visitors are:
    10.00 – 17:00
    Domestic visitors need an ID card to visit the Armed Forces Museum.

    For foreign visitors, 7 (seven) days before the day they want to visit the Armed Forces Museum, a request must be sent. This request must include the person or persons ID card.

    This request must be sent to the e-mail address:

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