location_category: Museums in Tirana

  • Museum of Natural Sciences Tirana

    One of the most exceptional museums you should visit in Albania is the Museum of Natural Sciences in Tirana. This…
  • The Armed Forces Museum

    The Armed Forces Museum was opened in December 2023 in a vast territory in Berzhite, Tirane. The mission of the…
  • The Museum of the Bank of Albania

    The Museum of the Bank of Albania was inaugurated on 30 October 2015, combining elements of a museum and didactics.
  • National Archaeological Museum

    The National Archaeological Museum is situated in Mother Teresa Square. It was the first museum to open in Albania after…
  • Ismail Kadare house museum Tirana

    To live means to leave traces. The famous novelist Ismail Kadare is one of the few Albanian writers who has…
  • House of Leaves Museum

    House of Leaves is one of the most unusual museums in Albania. It is considered to be the equivalent of…
  • National Historical Museum

    If you are keen to know the turbulent history of the Albanians, this is the place to visit. The National…