What to do in March in Tirana

Welcome Spring, the best season to Visit Tirana.

March is the first month of spring, and the flowers bloom everywhere. You can mostly walk to see the Spring Flowers at the Big Lake Park, Kavaja Street, Xhamlliku area. The weather is warm, and the events are planned for the entire month.

Albanians celebrate some festive days in March. We celebrate 7 March as the day of teachers, a celebration inherited from the communist system. But still, we love to celebrate with respect for the teachers and their dedication to educating new generations. Usually, pupils and students buy flowers for their teachers or other symbolic gifts, while teachers celebrate with each other with a friendly lunch or dinner.

8 March is the International Day of Women. Femm Fest is a festival with many activities, celebrations, talks, and exhibitions that reward strong and successful women. Usually, 8 March in Albania is a festive day, not protestive. So women choose to celebrate, to be happy to give and take gifts to each other, and to organize for a lunch or dinner.

14 March is one of the biggest celebrations in Albania. It is Summer Day, which, from year to year, is growing and turning into the most significant holiday all over the country.

The origin of this festival dates back to ancient times and is preserved nowadays in Elbasan. This day symbolizes the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. Some beautiful rituals for this day include spring bracelets called “Verore,” traditional desert Ballokume, and other food specialties cooked specially for this day.

One decade ago, it was recognized as a holiday and celebrated nationwide.

Other activities

The tourists are coming to Tirana, and the most preferable tours are walking and bike tours. So, we recommend you take the Tirana City Bike Tour, where you learn about history and ride around the city. Cable Car and Dajti Mountain are always good escapes from the city. You can visit several museums in Tirana; for other tours, see our website.


Starting with Opera Il Trittico by Giacomo Puccini, Three operas in one night, which lasts until the 3rd of March, you can also buy a ticket for Half-Life of Marie Curie at Theater Metropol, which lasts until the 24th of March.

Another event is FemFest, a festival dedicated to women that lasts four days, from 4 -8 March. the event you can follow at ArTurbina Theater. Nevruz Day is another public holiday that is celebrated every year. the center of celebrations is Bektashi World Center in Tirana.

The Holy Month of Ramadan starts on 10 March, the most crucial festive month for the Muslim community.

See all events and updated versions of events here

Our recommendations

For hotels, we suggest the Marriott Hotel close to Arena Stadium. You can also taste the fine food at Terra Restaurant, which the same company owns. Or Habitat Hotel, which also has a fine restaurant, Habitat Restaurant. Morsi restaurant offers Italian cuisine, delicious dishes, and very nice cocktails. You can go to Morsi restaurant in the Blloku area or Arena Stadium.

Dajti Belvedere Hotel is always the best for its spectacular view of Tirana. Balkoni i Dajtit is a restaurant that serves traditional food and Italian food.

The sushi restaurant is the one for sushi lovers. Reka Pasticeri is for people who love deserts.

Don’t forget to participate in the #TiranaSpring2024. Use this hashtag to post your photos of Tirana during the Spring. We will share your pictures and post them on our social media channels.


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