Tirana is blessed with beautiful nature

Tirana has a beautiful landscape surroundings by a mountainous range, from Gamti Mountain, Mountain with Holes, and Dajti Mount. It is a city located in a valley 110 meters above the sea level. The city is nestled between Dajti Mountain in the east and hills of Krraba, Sauku and Vaqar in the south and the Adriatic Sea to the west, just 36 km away. The sea so close to the Capital is offering beautiful sandy beaches and the ancient history of Durres city.

The highest Peak of Tirana is Maja e Mincekut of Mali me Gropa, 1828 m above the sea level.  High hills and beautiful rivers like Erzeni, Terkuza, and Lana create beautiful canyons, caves, and valleys, just waiting to be explored.

The city has plenty of caves hidden in the surrounding villages of Tirana.

Several lakes, more than ten lakes, natural and artificial are located in the different villages with the same names, such as Bovilla Lake, Farka Lake, Prushi Lake, Kashari Lake etc

The city is rich in flora and fauna.  Starting from Tirana city you will find some parks where you can walk and enjoy the walking and smell of flowers

Nature – Visit Tirana (visit-tirana.com)

If you want to find more about the lakes of Tirana, read the article here: Lakes of Tirana – Visit Tirana (visit-tirana.com)

Here are some waterfalls and their locations around Tirana You searched for waterfall – Visit Tirana (visit-tirana.com). The biggest one and the most visited is Shengjergji waterfall, in Shengjin village one hour far from Tirana.

Outside Tirana, you will find many unique villages with valleys, rivers, and cultural attractions such as castles and ruins.

Outside Tirana – Visit Tirana (visit-tirana.com)


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