Alessandro from Italy: My unforgettable experience in Tirana

My name is Alessandro Fini, and I am an Italian student in my 4th year of high school. I was fortunate to have won a scholarship that allowed me, along with nine other Emilia Romagna students, to participate in a 30-day Erasmus project in Tirana, Albania. During the project, each of us was assigned to a workplace. I was placed at “DMO Albania,” a non-profit organization that promotes tourism in Tirana. Among its main projects are the Tirana Photo Festival, a prestigious photography competition held annually in Tirana, and Visit Tirana, the leading information portal for tourists and locals interested in exploring and experiencing the capital of Albania.

My primary responsibility during this project was to work on Visit Tirana, specifically handling marketing activities. This involved writing emails and social media messages to popular businesses in Tirana, including hotels, pools, spas, and restaurants.


I also worked on updating the website by posting events and refining scenic details.

This experience taught me valuable skills that significantly enhanced my professional profile. I learned to navigate various marketing platforms such as Trello, MailChimp, MyCloud, and Excel. I also had the opportunity to engage in creative tasks, including crafting customized marketing emails for specific hotels based on my inspirations, which allowed me to nurture my entrepreneurial spirit.

I was incredibly fortunate to work in an environment that was always serene and comfortable, thanks to the open-mindedness and receptiveness of Eva Kushova, the entrepreneur behind these projects. Her willingness to listen to my needs and support enabled me to do my best.

Inspiring country

As for the city of Tirana, it was truly stunning and filled with surprises.

I was particularly fascinated by Albania’s history, especially the story of Skanderbeg, a hero whose values continue to inspire. The towering skyscrapers in the city center sparked my dreams of one day designing one myself.

I also immensely enjoyed the delicious Albanian cuisine, with my favorite dish being Fergese. However, what captivated me the most was the abundant art that adorned every corner of the city, including breathtaking murals and drawings that touched my heart and made me fall in love with this beautiful city.

In addition to exploring Tirana, my fellow students and I also visited Shkodër, northern Albania.

I had the privilege of climbing Rozafa Castle, from which I could admire the entire city and the three great rivers flowing through it.


A few days before the supposed departure, I was unsure if I would find the courage to embark on this experience, as I was afraid of leaving my home for a month and stepping out of my comfort zone.

However, having completed this experience, I can confidently say this journey has been a blessing.

I have grown so much quickly and am amazed at all the obstacles I have overcome. In my heart, Tirana will forever be a symbol of courage for me.


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Alessandro from Italy: My unforgettable experience in Tirana

Alessandro from Italy: My unforgettable experience in Tirana

Alessandro from Italy: My unforgettable experience in Tirana

As for the city of Tirana, it was truly stunning and filled with surprises.

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