What to do in April 2024 in Tirana

Tirana is already full of tourists, and the spring season is the best time to visit the city. Tirana changes daily, and we update our monthly recommendations to all tourists. The weather is perfect. April starts with Catholic Easter Festivities, celebrated between 31 March and the 1st of April.  Muslim believers celebrate Eid Al Fitr, the end of Ramadan observed on sundown, April 9th, and ending on Wednesday, April 10.

Here are the top ten things to do in Tirana in a day. Since the National Historical Museum will be closed, we recommend visiting the Archaeological Museum instead. This is for all tourists who love to know about ancient Albania.

Outdoor tours

For outdoor tours, we recommend the tour to Bovilla Lake, which has the best natural view close to Tirana. Dajti Mount is always one of the best experiences and a must-visit. Other outdoor attractions are Cyclop Eye, a magic place in Krraba Village, and Pellumbas Cave, another beautiful attraction that will send you back to ancient times. This cave was inhabited at least 30000 years ago. With the tourist season starting everywhere in Albania, we also recommend other tours that are a short distance from Tirana, such as the Tirana-Kruja tour, Tirana Berat Tour, Tirana Durres Tour, and Tirana Lumi I Shales tour.

Experiences in Tirana

Visit Tirana recommends authentic experiences to get to know our local traditions and culture. One such experience is Experience Tirana like a Local, where you will get an overview of Albanian living traditions, costumes, and behaviors. You will learn embroidery basics and enjoy the atmosphere with raki and folk music.

Another fantastic experience is the wine-tasting tour. This tour will teach you about the varieties of grapes in Tirana; you will visit the winery and grapes and taste the best Albanian wine accompanied by traditional food.

Wine Tasting Tour

Learning Folk Dances is another experience you can book with Visit Tirana. We will learn at least five popular dances, starting from Napoloni, Tirana Dance, North Dances of Tropoja and Kukesi, and the Southern Dance of Pogonishte and Katjusha. A professional dancer will teach you the basics of these dances, and you can explore them further.

Dance Folk Tour

The Olive Oil Tour is another tasting tour. You can learn about the authentic varieties of olives in Albania, walk amid old olive trees in the village of Marikaj, and taste the olive oil with some traditional food.

Events in April

Events are blooming with Spring. Starting with the Tourism Fair at Sheshi Italia on the first weekend of April 5-6, see the opportunities for tourism packages in Tirana. This time, the fair will be held in an open space in Tirana, where everyone can attend.

Another big event for the tourism industry is the first meeting of the UN World Tourism Organization in Albania and the 70th meeting of the Commission of Europe, which will be held from 7-9 April in Tirana.

Other events, such as music shows, theatres, operas, and fairs, can be found in our updated events database. Don’t miss one of the unique events on 27 April,  Andrra ne Tren, a jazz train from Tirana to Shkodra.


Find more information about what to eat and where to find the best restaurants in Tirana.  You can find the best hotels in Tirana at this link.

Enjoy April in Tirana with Visit Tirana. Don’t forget to post your photos on Instagram with hashtag #TiranaSpring2024 so you can be part of #TiranaPhotoFestival2024


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