Wine and Raki tasting tour in Tirana

  • As a typical Mediterranean country, our country has all the conditions for cultivating vines. Archaeological discoveries have made Albania one of the most ancient centers of wine cultivation.

    About 3000 years ago, dozens of wine vessels were found, which you can see in the archaeological museums of Albania, which showed that wine was widely produced and consumed in our territories. The Ottoman period and then communism lost this tradition, and wine production dropped significantly.

    The rapid development in wine culture in Albania returned after the 2000s when many technologists and agronomists who had studied this industry after getting experience in its production in Italy and Greece came and started investing in viticulture.

    Some of the first wineries are Kallmeti, Arberi, Belba, Bardha, Herta, Kokomani, Skenderbeu, Shehi, etc..

    This tour will take you to the exact location where you will learn about the history of vineyards, autochthonous grapes, and the way Albanian wine is produced.

    We will taste the best products accompanied by local food from the farm to the table.

    Gjokaj Tirana



    Please book one week before the tour

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