Learn folk dance of Tirana

  • Are you interested in getting to know more about Tirana’s traditional dance?

    Albania is exceptionally rich in folklore. Music and costumes differ not only from north to south but also from one village to another. For foreigners, this variety of dances and costumes, so different and with so many beautiful stories to tell, is of great interest. In this tour, we will learn five main dances, starting from Tirana, Napoleon, the Dance of Tropoje, Kukesi, and South Pogonishte.

    This experience is for people interested in learning Tirana, Napoloni, a traditional dance of Central Albania.

    We will meet with the professional dancer of Tirana Ensemble at her studio. We will take a one-hour lesson and try to dance to what we learned. You can dance in a folk costume if you wish.

    The tour will last from 2  hours.







    Every Monday and Wednesday

    From 13.00-14.30

    For groups of up to 5 persons

    The price of the workshop/tour is 60 euro/person

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