Group Tour to Cyclops Eye

  • Cyclops Eye is located in Krraba village in Tirana, 4 km far from the village. If you want to know more about this attraction read here.

    How to go there? We organize group tours from 5-20 people every weekend. We start on 9.00 am at the New Bazaar, close to Avni Rustemi square and turn back at 16.00 pm.

    Category: Walking
    Difficulty: Average

    We drive toward the village of Krraba. Then we start to walk and explore the hiking trails and discover this natural swimming pool down a mountainous area. We reach to the place, and if the weather is perfect, we can swim. Taking photos and exploring this beauty and after that we sit for the lunch together. During the lunch, we sing, play games, and do explore creative ideas. Then we turn back to the city.

    When: Every Weekend
    Included in the price:
    1 – Transport
    2 – Tour Guide
    3 – Sanduic and Water

    What you need:
    1 – Sportive wears
    2 – Hiking shoes
    3 – Adventourus spirit
    Price for groups: 20 euro/person


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