What to do in May in Tirana

Tirana is already flooded by tourists. Springtime is the best period to visit Tirana, and the results are visible everywhere in the city, especially in the city center. The outdoors is also frequented, and Dajti Mount is the highlight.

In May, the number of tourists in Tirana is expected to rise, so here we are preparing some recommendations for everyone visiting Tirana so they can move from the city center and explore some other areas.

Events on May

May also comes with big and beautiful events, starting with the 1st of May, which is Labor Day, and in Tirana, it is always a lovely day for family celebrations and picnics. On the 1st of May, the International Cultural Weeks in Tirana will also be launched, which consists of many activities happening from May to October from different countries, bringing in Tirana’s culture.

On the 6th of May, Orthodox Easterners are also massively celebrated in Tirana and other cities, such as Korca and Shkodra.

We will continue with the Color Day Festival by the 18th of May, a unique festival very popular among the youth. It will be held at Skanderbeg Square this year.

From 16-26 May, the Cloud Festival at REJA Installation will bring everyday music, theatre, and shows from different artists.

Triathlon is another sportive yearly event that will be held on 26 May

Outside Tirana

Get the Cable Car and go to Dajti Mount. Apart from the Mountain and other activities, such as hiking and horse-riding, you can enjoy the Adventure park, which will be open by the beginning of May. It is trendy not only for children but also for adults.

Other attractions, such as Cyclops Eye or Pellumbas Cave, are beautiful in May. Also, Petrela Castle and other areas, such as Peza or Preza, have beautiful natural features and castles.

You can hike in Bovilla Lake Or Erzeni River, enjoy the great agrotourism restaurants outside the city, or even the plenty of swimming pools starting to open their doors in the warm days of May.

Durres Beach is always a choice, only 30 minutes away from Tirana.


Don’t forget to take a map of Tirana and visit many cultural attractions, such as churches, mosques, and archaeological sites. Of course, the city center is a must for everyone visiting the city for the first time, but apart from museums in the city center and the main boulevard, there are many other things to see in Tirana. Take pictures from Tirana and share them with us using hashtag #tiranaspring2024.

Don’t forget to participate in the biggest photography competition of the year, TiranaPhotoFestival2024, and submit your photos from Albania.

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