Valentine’s Day in Tirana

Valentine’s Day has become a significant date for Albanians who want to celebrate love and affection for their loved partners. Many couples plan at least a month before where to go, what to buy, and what to do with their beloved partner. People choose this Day to propose to their partner for a marriage. This trend is growing among young Albanians.
In Skanderbeg’s time, young couples plant olive trees to symbolize their relationship and marriage. This is to show their dedication to a long-lasting love as Olive Trees. It will be great if this tradition returns.
Young People today love to celebrate with gifts and spend time with their loved ones. Here are some tips to inspire you for a memorable Valentine’s Day in Tirana and its surroundings:

During the Day

A romantic lunch with your partner: Restaurants offer reasonable prices and delicious menus and are well prepared for this Day, offering live music, incentive games for couples, etc.

People prefer restaurants outside Tirana for dining. Some classic restaurants with fine Italian cuisine are within walking distance from the center of Tirana, like Morsi Tirana, Terra Restaurant, Habitat Restaurant, Veranda Restaurant, and Amo Sushi Restaurant.

Or you can take a room and spend an unforgettable night with your sweetheart at the Marriott Hotel, Belvedere Dajt, or Habitat Hotel.

Dajti Mountain: Good escape in the fresh air. Hopefully, there is still some snow. Try a Cable Car ride and a fantastic lunch at Balkoni i Dajtit.

Durres Beach is always a good idea; a tasty meal with fresh seafood and a romantic walk by the beach make a bond.

Tirana Big Park is the favorite place for those who want to show their love. Just a simple walk around the lake, buying a bouquet of mimosa flowers, grabbing some from the trees, and having a good coffee or drink near the lake as the sun sets.

Or you can eat a dessert at Reka Pastry in Tirana, in one of their fantastic shops.

In the evening

Concerts/ theaters: Some people prefer to spend their Valentine’s Day watching a movie, theater, or concert. There are some concerts and art events planned for the Day, and the event announced by the municipality, “Tirana Gives Love,”

Discos/ Nightlife

Especially young couples prefer to go to a disco, a pub, or karaoke, have drinks, and dance all night.

Hotels offer competitive packages with discount prices for stays on that date, dinner, and relaxing packages (sauna, massage, et).

If you want to spend a weekend traveling, there are packages from travel agencies with excellent prices for a St Valentine’s Day.

Gift ideas

Flowers are the most essential and popular gifts, and Albanian women love them: perfumes, rings, other Jewellery, watches, and even dresses or shirts for men or tailored handmade gifts. We suggest you buy Albanian products, such as ChocALB, or other products Bli Shqip

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