Morsi Restaurants in Tirana

  • Morsi is a lovely restaurant brand in Tirana with exceptional Italian cuisine. There are two Morsi restaurants in Tirana and one in Drimadhes, Vlore.

    The first restaurant is in the Blloku area, close to Wilson Square, near a busy street. But when you enter inside, you will feel the cozy atmosphere and the fantastic hospitality. Much more significant, the other restaurant is located at Arena Stadium, the most excellent place in Tirana in the last few years. Another excellent Morsi restaurant is situated in Drimadhes, the most beautiful place in Albanian Riviera.


    From Soups and salads to pasta and risotto, antipasti, burgers, wine and beers, classic cocktails, and aperitives. All are cooked with local ingredients and products, making the flavors authentic and tasty. The prices are affordable and very reasonable. If you want to look at the menu, here it is. Don’t forget the superb desserts.

    What clients say

    Nice place, great locations, lovely staff. Delicious food and high-quality ingredients are combined perfectly, and great cocktails accompany the rich menu for lunch and dinner. These are some of the comments and reviews the clients left on the Instagram account Morsi and mostly on Trip Advisor.

    For a better experience, come and try it yourself. The staff is motivated and will make you feel at home, and give you the desire to come back again and again.

    Blloku area and Arena Stadium

    ++355 69 444 4231

    Every Day open

    from 8.00 am to 24.00

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