‘VisitTirana’ nominated for Emerging Europe Awards

Emerging Europe called organizations and businesses to present their projects for development, strategies, boosting investments, and tourism. Visit Tirana was one of the applicants, and after an evaluation process on some strict criteria, Emerging Europe chose ten candidates for each category. Visit Tirana was nominated among ten candidates in the category “Tourism Campaign of the Year” for our social media promotion campaigns for Tirana every season. We are currently running #tiranaspring2018.

Why Visit Tirana

Visit Tirana started as a voluntary work to promote our city in 2013. First, we opened a Twitter and Facebook account to promote everything from Tirana. It soon became the most vital voice for posting news about Tirana in English and informing tourists about what to find and do in our city. We are fully dedicated to promoting our city and making a huge impact on tourism development in our country.

Visit Tirana is a product of Manderina Promotions, a PR & Digital Marketing company in Tirana. The website, www.visit-tirana.com, is becoming the main hub for tourists visiting Albania’s capital. The portal offers A to Z information about everything a visitor needs to know before visiting our city. We  actively promote our city on our social media:


For our work, we are awarded Personality of the Year 2015 by the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erion Veliaj.

Our social media competition 

We brand #visittirana & organize social media competitions with hashtags #TiranaSpring, #TiranaAutumn, #TiranaWinter, and #TiranaSummer every year. We started in 2016 and are running the 6th social media photo contest #TiranaSpring2018. Submissions come from young photographers, both amateurs and professionals. Posts with dedicated hashtags amount to over a thousand photos for one competition. We invite businesses to offer awards to winners and organize the awarding ceremony to celebrate.
Here are some articles about the competitions & events in the past:
#TiranaWinter2018 Photo contest
#TiranaAutumn2017 photo contest
#TiranaSpring photo contest

Why is VisitTirana nominated?

The biggest contribution of VisitTiran in city promotion is digitizing all the information about city attractions and making Tirana a destination to be heard. We are writing unique content articles and blogs about everything happening to the city, including, but not limited to, events, attractions, tours itineraries, and more. This is the first serious effort in promoting Tirana and Albania.
Secondly, we have engaged a good community through our social media channels. We count for more than 25K followers in all our social channels, and most importantly, the engagement rate is high, higher than anywhere in the region. We promote Tirana through its young generation, which is highly motivated to take photos, submit, and participate.
Thirdly, we bring exposure for the city and tourism businesses joining us in this initiative, as they see interest in connecting their brand to current and prospective customers, domestic or international travelers.

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