The museum house of Ismail Kadare in Tirana is open for the public

This old building has typical communist architecture, which is located a few meters behind the Palace of Culture or Tirana International Hotel, in the former Broadway Street, or Rruga e Dibres. The building has been grey with electric wires hanging everywhere but lately, is painted. The entrance is from behind.

On the top, one can see the symbol K (Kadare- StudioHouse). The apartment is located on the 4th floor. The door is ancient, painted in white, similar to all the other doors from that period. Only two writers resided in this building at that time – Ismail Kadare and Dritero Agolli, who both had the most oversized apartments, which consisted of 4 bedrooms – this was very rare at that time, as all other apartments consisted of  1 or 2 bedrooms.

As you enter the living room, you can see a big cupboard with many memories – texts, photos, and documents belonging to the writer and his family. When you know the eye sign, you are allowed to look inside. You can open the drawers and have a look inside. Most are in Albanian; however, you can see his notes and drawings of his children, family photos, etc. On the front wall, you can see the years Kadare stayed in this house and the books he wrote each year.

You can read quotes from his books or from the books of his wife, Helena Kadare (who is also a writer), all over the house.  The tables consist of catalogs with photos of old Tirana and other books referring to this building at that time. In the other room, you will see some other works of Kadare, the books he wrote while living in France or at his holiday house in Durres.

Then you enter his studio, a very special room with a huge bookcase, a fireplace, and a working table. In front of it is a dark room where you can see some pictures of movies directed by the Kadare couple.

The bedroom has been turned into a particular room for the novel: “General of the Dead Army,” the book that made him famous outside Albania. Several movies have been directed based on this novel.

The last room is a study room, which will be used for readers, students, and researchers of Kadare’s work and life. You are required to purchase a ticket to use this room. The exit from this room directs you to the other side of the building.  This building will also host an alternate museum for the writer Dritero Agolli.

They were the most influential writers during the communist time. This building will serve as a symbol for all tourists who want to know how intellectuals lived and worked during the communist regime.

When visiting the house, Ismail Kadare said: “My gratitude, the idea is wonderful, noble, and human at the same time,” while Helena Kadare congratulated the municipality of Tirana and mentioned all this was a pleasant surprise.  

Our Visit Tirana team visited the house,  and you can now find it in the list of museums. Some tour agencies may include this as a highlight in their itineraries.

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