Winners of #TiranaWinter2019 photo contest announced

This is the 9th photo contest organized by Visit Tirana in three years. The aim is to promote the capital through photography and engage young people in promoting Tirana. We were surprised by the great participation of people interested in photography.

The competition ran in social media channels but mostly on Instagram from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

Photos representing different parts of our Tirana: the winter holidays atmosphere in Tirana, snow in Dajti, Shengjergj and other highlands of Tirana.

The jury of VisitTirana selected 10 winners, where 6 were given certificates of contributes, and 4 finalists. Part of jury were photographers: Albert Cmeta, Olsi Beci and the managing team of Visit Tirana.


First place: Erald Halili (drone photo of a couple with umbrellas in the snow in Dajti). The winner of the first prize will enjoy a night accommodation at Metro Hotel, the newest hotel in Blloku area in Tirana.

Second place: Anxhi Çeliku (photo from Liqeni i Lepurit, Shëngjergj). Anxhi Çeliku won the instant camera Instax Emotions offered by Fuji Film Albania.

Third place: Two are the winners of the third place: Enea Mustafaraj (Winter Holidays atmosphere at Skanderbeg square) dhe Erisa Shaba (girl in the snow in Shkallet e Tujanit). The two winners will enjoy a lunch/dinner at the Mexican restaurant “Serendipity” in Tirana.

Among 10 finalists 6 photographers received certificate of contribution: Arjan Carja, Apostjon Thimjo, Drilon Neli, Mirjan Beca, Nertil Zhuri, Valter Zhara.

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