Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

Youth is one of the most cherished assets of our city and our country, having one of the youngest populations in Europe. It is, therefore, evident and inevitable that the most prominent driving force pushing Tirana and Albania towards a prosperous and sustainable future within the EU is its energetic and aspiring youth, joining energies and working together.

Active Youth is an ambitious program that focuses on the needs of young people of today and tomorrow, championing non-formal values and best practices. As stated in the “Active-8” slogan, the program encourages positive activism by presenting eight interwind themes comprising dozens of projects and hundreds of wide-range activities.

The program consists of 8 themes: Youth Makes Creative Economy & innovation; Youth Creates Culture; Youth Develops Capacity; Youth Participates; Youth Diversity; Youth Are Europeans; Youth Eco-Health; Youth Spaces.

YOU TOO, can become an integral part of this common goal by supporting the development of this program and its activities.

More information: www.tiranaeyc2022.al

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