Inside the Albanian Post Gallery

The history of Albanian national stamps dates back to May 5, 1913. The government of Ismail Qemali developed an intensive activity of issuing postage stamps. The further developments of our philately arose and were reflected on it, which has been and will always remain a part and expression of national identity, a clear reflection of the history and culture of our people. Albanian Post and Philately, always in complete symbiosis, have simultaneously described a long, complex, and beautiful path. The period after the liberation of Albania and up to the 90s of the 20th century presents an attractive picture of the history of Albanian philately.

It stands out especially for its wealth and significant flow of broadcasts, but which, as is known, have generally been politicized and ideological. All these are reflected in a separate chapter. Starting from 1990, that is, with the democratic processes, in addition to the understandable ups and downs of the first years of the transition 1991, 92, ’93, serious efforts have been made, and care has been taken by the General Directorate of the Albanian Post for the expansion of the topic, but especially for avoiding the politicization of stamps and increasing the quality of their printing, which is undoubtedly much better.

There are currently over 4,000 different stamp designs. In terms of realization, they are easily distinguished from the artistic language of the period when they were issued, but the individuality of the artists who have engaged in this field. With its prominent identity, Albanian philately stands today worthily alongside the best philately of other countries. It is present at all important international events, such as the Balkan and European and world exhibitions, and at the same time competes in the large stamp market.

Already in the premises of the Stamp Gallery, a dedicated space has been created for the exhibition of postage stamps issued over the years and its old authentic objects.

The Albanian Post, as one of the oldest institutions in the country, which dates back to the creation of the Albanian state, carries a unique historical importance for the role and function it played throughout this time (from December 5, 1912 – to continuation).

Evidence of this cultural heritage is the collection of stamps and philatelic objects, which, unfolding through history, increased their value over the years.

The importance of postage stamps lies in the fact that they are considered ambassadors of the country in conveying the culture of the people and civilization. Postage stamps are essential in documenting economic and social life, highlighting nations’ distinctive elements, history, cultural development diversity, and folklore heritage.

This gallery opened on the first floor on November 5, 2021, near the General Directorate of Albanian Post. Albanian Post Gallery reflects the history of the postage stamp since its first emission on May 5, 1913. The gallery is divided into three periods: The first period from 1913 – 1944, the second from 1945 – 1990, and the third from 1991 – the present day. The public can watch the documentary dedicated to the history of the Albanian postage stamp in the video room, which intertwines nicely with the history of the Albanian state since its independence on November 28, 1912.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday:  09:00 ~ 16:00; Saturday & Sunday: Closed.

Address: Reshit Collaku Street, No 4, Tirana.

Mob: +355 682044727; +355 682044707.

E-mail:; Web:

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