Educating young people with the cultural heritage of Tirana

Educating young people with the cultural heritage of Tirana, was the tittle of the project implemented by DMO ALbania and funded by Tirana Municipality. The project timeline was from 1st January to 30 June 2023.

High schools such as Ismail Qemali, Eqerem Cabej, Besnik Sykja, Sami Frasheri, and Qemal Stafa were part of this project on the material and spiritual cultural heritage of Tirana and its surroundings, where the Academy of Albanological Studies, activated the lecturers and experts of its best in the field of archaeology, architecture, and spiritual heritage to carry out this educational program.

The students were very active and remained satisfied with this project, taking with them the additional information they learned from the lecturers: Dr. Nevila Molla, Dr. Sabina Veseli, Dr. Melsi Labi, Dr. Ervin Kujtila, Dr. Edlira Andoni, experiences and a new perspective for the beautiful history of our country.

This perspective was reinforced by the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Tirana, where the students were amazed by the various artifacts, especially those collected by the Archaeological Museum, which were well-maintained and carefully preserved.

On the last day of the project, the children of the “Qemal Stafa” school had the pleasure of visiting the Illyrian cultural sites of Persqop, where Prof.Assoc.Dr.Altin Skënderaj explained to the students the importance of this object and its history. There was great interest from young people in every aspect of our project. We were happy to welcome the spirit of energetic and intelligent adolescents who are the future of our country.

This project is a yearly event and consists of a cycle of 6-10 lecturers and study visits to the ancient ruins of Tirana.

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