Beat the heat in Tagani Swimming pool

The complex is located in the village of Tagan, Petrelë, just 12 km southeast of the capital, on the national road Tirana-Elbasan. In this complex you can find relaxation, sports and entertainment where every person can choose a physical activity for the well-being of his body and mind. You can choose to exercise individually or join a group led by instructors and trainers. All related to water.

Equipped with a semi-Olympic pool 25 meters long and 18 meters wide, the depth in the first half of the surface is 2 meters on the north side and 1.45 meters in the second half of the surface. The small pool is 12 meters long and 8 meters wide where the depth is 90 cm.

Water filtration is done according to certified standards for Public Swimming Pools and the Sanitary and Hygiene Authority. In every corner of the complex you will see many information boards and posters, for the use of every part of the environment. This complex represents a model of the highest standards that swimming pools have to offer in our country. Safety measures for customers are the first duty of all staff. The pool has hired on the basis of the “Lifeguard – Pool Guard” law, for the prevention of accidents.

In addition to all these standards, the complex has an excellent kitchen, with fresh products from the area. Tagani Pool is a fantastic place for all people who want a safe place and decent service. It is open to those who want to learn to swim, as well as a favorite place for summer courses for children.

Family fun for all, the best way to spend a summer day is right at the Tagani Complex. Safety, fun and hygiene, spend the hot summer relaxing in the Tagani Pool.

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