A new boulevard towards the modern Tirana

For the first time in Tirana, the development of a new area starts with a boulevard, and then the new buildings will follow. The plan consists of constructing a New Tirana neighborhood, a modern area where each building respects the requested space, the city’s architecture, and the proportion of the green regions, totally different from what happened in more than two decades in Tirana.

Tirana is an emerging city with a growing population every day. Until now, the construction industry has followed no rules, with chaotic and dense buildings, without spaces for citizens, no playgrounds for children, and without green parks, connected roads, and parking areas.

This part of New Boulevard looks like a good start for a new modern part of the city. This segment has a length of 450 meters and a width of 70 meters, while only 1/3 will be used by vehicles. The other part is dedicated to bike lanes and pedestrian areas, an element of which is also greenery. The underground parking is very modern, and it is the second largest parking in Tirana after the recently opened under the Skanderbeg square, with a capacity of 320 vehicles. The lights are eye-friendly, with the latest technology.

This new segment extends Tirana to the north, with a high potential for development. The New Boulevard is 1.6 km and is expected to be completed soon.

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