Classic walking tour in Tirana

  • Tirana is constantly changing every day. New attractions are added to the city the last years, so even people who were born here, don’t recognize their neighborhoods. We will show you the historical sights of Tirana and guide you in some popular areas, such as Skanderbeg Square, Pyramid, Tirana Castle, Blloku area.

    We start the tour at Skanderbeg Square, as the main destination for all tourists. We will give you a short history about the square and the buildings around which are: Palace of Culture, National Bank, the Et’hem Bey Mosque, The Clock Tower and National Museum.

    We will continue to Murat Toptani Pedestrian street and visit the remained walls of Tirana Castle, inside the premises we will see some relics.

    After that, we will head to the Tanner’s Bridge, across the George Bush Street. We continue to see all the historical places we had in both sides of the Boulevard of the Martyrs: Government Buildings, Reja Installation, the Monument of Independence, Rinia Park. We will stop at Pyramid, the most symbolic building showing the mixed history of our country.

    Then we head to Postbllok Memorial. We will visit the Blloku area, known as the youth hub for entertainment and nightlife. We will see from outside the villa of the former dictator Enver Hoxha. We will continue toward Tajvani, or Rinia park, visiting the Orthodox Cathedral the biggest in Balkans, and continue to House of Leaves Museum (Not entering in the museum) and ending the visit at Skandberg Square.

    end the tour at the Grand Park of Tirana.



    Every Day

    Please contact at least 3 days before


    The tour will last 3-4 hours.
    Visit Tirana charges you only for guiding the tour
    The costs not included are: the museums tickets, the costs for drinks or lunch

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