Winners of Tirana Photo Festival 2021

The festival was organized by DMO Albania, with the support of the Municipality of Tirana and the Ministry of Culture. The festival lasts one week, from October 8-15, and during this week, the exhibition with 100 finalist photos on the first floor of the National Historical Museum is open to the public.

The winners of this edition: First prize: Gerti Kadillari (Flower Path, Kukës) offered by the Ministry of Culture worth 40,000 ALL Second prize: Najada Dafa (Shishtavec, Kukes) provided by the Ministry of Culture worth 30,000 ALL Third prize: Fatjon Sinani (Valamara, Pogradec) provided by the Ministry of Culture worth 20,000 ALL

Special awards Saimir Kalbaj’s photo was praised for the awareness message to promote Albania and protect the environment. Price value 10,000 ALL The prize of the seasonal competitions of VisitTirana, winner Luljeta Mustafaj. Price value 10 000 ALL. Award offered by EjAlbum, a portfolio of works by Fabiola Muhollari. Best video award: Duli Kasmi for the drone video from Sylbica, Tropoja (10,000 ALL). Brian Hoxha & Ledio Hysi for the promotional video of Albania (10,000 ALL).

Two photography workshops sponsored by Arena Center were organized in the framework of the festival. The courses were developed on two days, the first day of theory and the second day of practice, with lecturers Soela Zani and Albert Cmeta.

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