Why to study at the French International School of Tirana

With its pedagogic and engaged team, the school aims to offer every student knowledge and sustainable competences and an education open to Europe and the world. It contributes to the spread of the French and international language and culture in a secular, linguistic and intercultural pedagogical framework.

EFIT is the only French institution in Albania accredited by the French Ministry of National Education up to the 2nd year secondary course (CM2) or fifth grade. Starting from the age of 9 (6th grade), teaching is based on the programs of the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED), delivered on site by teaching assistant professors. For this reason, all students graduated from EFIT can continue their education in an ODYSSEY network institution abroad or in the AEFE global network, without the need for an entrance exam.


An education according to the French model in a multilingual and intercultural dynamic.

From the Preschool Small Group, in the middle cycle, students at EFIT benefit from a rigorous teaching that follows the school program established by the French Ministry of National Education, leading to the “National Diploma of Liberation” and the preparation of the French “Matura”. Today, it has about 150 students between the ages of 2 and 15, representing many nationalities (Albanian, French, Belgian, Swiss, American, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian). Students are divided into 9 classes with small numbers, which allows for excellent teaching conditions.

A look inside the classrooms

The environment of our classes is in very good conditions. Your child has space to learn, play in free time, spend creative time with friends in their creative corner. The classrooms are well organized, safe and warm, with lots of light.

The class is organized with different stations. During free time, when your child is done with classwork, they can spend time doing something they enjoy. Thus, it increases creativity, self-confidence and the way of expressing clearly. Your child grows up learning and forming his own character.

The lesson takes place in French. For those who are beginners we have specialist teachers who help your child improve communication and writing in French. Also, the child will have the opportunity to increase his knowledge in the English language.

Foreign languages

The importance of learning foreign languages nowadays

Albania has opened up to other countries of the world and the need to learn foreign languages has already arisen. It is good for children to learn several languages from an early age. Besides having more chances to find a good job in the future or to advance in their career, learning a second language can also give them an insight into other cultures. They will be better prepared and more confident to travel the world and explore the different ways of life of other people. Studying foreign languages improves listening skills and memory. Everyone participates more effectively and responsibly in a multicultural world if they know another language.

Come and study at EFI Tirana as a gateway to study in the best Universities of France, Belgium, Switzerland, but also in other English language universities as each student leaves with excellent knowledge in two languages.

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