Why the New Bazaar should be your next stop in Tirana

People who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the Blloku area can escape to the New Bazaar. It is ideal for everyone who loves to be in a nice place with beautifully painted buildings and smell the aroma of bakeries, coffee, and fresh fruits. If you want to have a good taste of Tirana, this should be your next stop for the many attractions our city offers. The New Bazaar is the bond between the old and the new city.


The New Bazaar was established in 1939, and through the following years, it prospered and developed. Its establishment came as a necessity due to the continuous increase of trade activity, which the Old Bazaar could not afford any longer. After the demolition of the old Bazaar in 1959, the new Bazaar remained the only trading center of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits in Tirana for a long time. The territory of the Old Bazaar started from the Suleiman Mosque and continued to the area where the National Library is situated nowadays.

The Bazaar, together with the neighborhood of Mujo, is located in one of the city’s oldest areas. Even today, the new Bazaar remains one of the town’s largest markets for meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit trade. The Municipality of Tirana, with the support of the Albanian American Development Foundation, reshaped this area and turned it into a business development area to provide a new investment model and community space.

The New Bazaar is a space that operates 24 hours, with the most significant focus on product trade in the morning and the afternoon on culinary issues for the restaurants and the development of artistic and cultural activities such as festivals, fairs, etc.

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