What’s the story of Zogu i Zi neighborhood

The platform of the public faucet was made of stones, while a bird carved with black stone was its symbol. People living in the area came here daily to fill their bottles with water.

But there is also a legend about this spring water. In that place, a young man died and was buried there. Every day for a year, his mother came and cried in that place. And after a year, she died also. After that, a blackbird replaced her daily, staying in her son’s grave.

And there is also a song about this tragedy: a blackbird is singing in the grave of a young man… The villagers of the mother and son came here and built a tap water surrounded with black stones, and on top of it, they carved a blackbird.

This is the real story of this toponym. But later, this place was linked with another story, which speaks of a brothel primarily visited by foreigners, especially Italians, after 1944. In fact the brothel was not in the same place, it was somewhere in what is today the Field Aviation close to Lana River. The story of that brothel, which was not there for long, can’t substitute a legend and a real place that many citizens of Tirana knew from their ancestors.

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