What to do in November 2023 in Tirana

Visits to museums and art galleries are a good idea to spend time and see exciting things. On weekends you can make short escapes to the outskirts of Tirana to enjoy autumn in agritourism farms in Baldushk, Shëngjergj, Surrel etc.

Historical dates

28th November is the biggest day of our nation. 28th November 1912 is the day when Albanians from all over Albania, united in Vlora, declared the Independence of Albania.

29th November is the day of the Liberation of Albania, one of the most critical moments in the history of our country. Lately, it is celebrated as White Night.

This year, we have the 111th anniversary of Independence and the 79th anniversary of the country’s liberation.

Tirana Liberation Day (17 November)

79 years have passed since the day of the liberation of the Albanian capital, Tirana. On this day, 127 martyrs sacrificed themselves who fought for an ideal where their biggest dream was the freedom of the country and the people.

Book Fair 15-19  November 2023

During these days, publishers, writers, poets, translators, readers, and people of culture meet for book discussions and presentations of new titles, but also debate tables, live streams, or in physical environments, respecting all the conditions of security.y


The month starts with a digital conference,  AllWeb, 14th edition. The event will be held on 2 November.

Elsa Lila concert Finalmente Elsa, will be on 1 November at Palace of Congresses.

Street Food Festival at Skanderbeg Square from 15 to 20 November

See more other events

More activities are expected to be organized by the Municipality of Tirana.

Enjoy Tirana to its fullest!

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