What to do in December 2023 in Tirana

The bars and restaurants are serving the best food and cocktails. We Albanians love to celebrate all the festive days, so the atmosphere at Skanderbeg Square will be unforgettable. You will find everything you want in the square, including music, food, coffee, books, and souvenirs.

Where to go during the days

Well, the museums are open until the last days of December. You can enjoy the culture and history and book the tours you want. We suggest you take bike tours around Tirana Lake Park and enjoy the walks around the city.

If you want to escape the city center, the Dajti Mount is our first recommendation. Take the cable car, and for 15 minutes, you will be on the highest mountain in Tirana. There, you can enjoy plenty of things: the snow, a horse-riding experience, delicious food, playing tennis, or hiking to the paths in the National Park of Dajti. You can even stay for two days or more in the Belvedere Hotel and enjoy the snow in this area.

Back in Tirana, we recommend a stay at Habitat Hotel and RestaurantMarriot Tirana, and Terra Restaurant, or if you want to go to Teg (Tirana East Gate), we recommend the restaurants of Veranda and Amo Sushi for those who prefer sushi food.

In the Blloku Area, you will find Turtle Pizza for all pizza lovers. Enjoy a dessert at Reka Pasticeri in different places in Tirana.

New Year Tradition

Albanians have a special tradition in New Year; they serve the best food on their tables and like to celebrate together as a big family. If you want to know more about what Albanians eat for New Year Eve, click here

For events, please check our database of events in Tirana.

Come and enjoy with us the most beautiful time of the Year. Albanians know how to celebrate! The fireworks spectacle in Skanderbeg Square will close this year, hoping for the best in 2024!

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