Warming up with AYO’s voice in a rainy evening

AYO is a Nigerian-German singer, songwriter, and actress known worldwide for her unique voice and beautiful songs. She sings folk, soul, and reggae music. She plays piano and guitar. Dressed all in white, she sang her best music for Albanian fans.  Despite the rain, many people gathered at the Amphitheatre in Tirana to enjoy her concert. This was the first time AYO performed in Tirana. But Albanians are familiar with some of her songs. The most famous song is “Down of my knees.. I’m begging you”, a solo launched in 2006. It was amazing how the public sang some of the songs.

AYO also gave some beautiful messages about love and God. She talked about singing, a warm way to thank the Albanian Public. She spoke some Albanian words such as: “Si jeni, Tirana…”, but she promised that if she came back again to our city, she would learn some more words in Albanian.

The atmosphere created was warm and enthusiastic despite the bad weather.  Just some hours before the concert, the Mayor of Tirana, Mr Veliaj, gave her “the Key of Tirana,” a symbolic gift for all world personalities visiting our city.

It is great to see many famous singers performing in Tirana, bringing their culture, art and music to our stages. Albanian public is very welcoming and loves to have more such artists in the scene…

The best-known album of AYO is Joyful, Gravity at Last, Billie-Eve, Ticket to the World, and AYO.

She is also very active in promoting children’s rights to education worldwide as part of UNICEF campaigns.

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