Tirana when it rains

If you are a lover of art and culture, you may choose to go to some galleries. These days, there are two exciting exhibitions in Tirana galleries, one at the National Art Gallery and one at the Tirana Art Gallery. Both are open. For some intriguing history, go to museums.

Shopping is another good option. Some trade centers are situated outside but also in the Center of Tirana. So you can reach each of them quickly, by car (TEG, QTU, City Park, Casa Italia) or by walking (Toptani, Coin, Kristal Center, Concord Center etc)

All these trade centers have activities for children, so it is good to spend a rainy day there. Coffee shops, restaurants, and cinemas are also available and open.

Some people prefer to spend grey and grimy days at home reading. Some bookstores or special bars are offering the best books. So you can enjoy a coffee while reading.

It never gets boring in Tirana. We love our city in every season.

I hope you do, too! Have a relaxing rainy day.

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