Tirana has its new Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is a modern complex that combines all chain structures of sports, federations, weightlifting, wrestling, athletics, and hand games. Showers, saunas, separate changing rooms, special accommodation for federations, and an Olympic field of about 3 thousand square meters are some of the facilities this structure, inaugurated in June 2017, contains. 

The complete project will be realized in two phases and includes the building with premises dedicated to the administration, the AFL building, the sports palace, the Olympic swimming pool, and a football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis court; all spread over an area of about 25,000 m2.

The complex was inaugurated on 4 June 2017 with a basketball match between ex-players from Albania’s and Kosovo’s national teams. 

It was built on the Sports Complex of the Sports Services Agency site, formerly known as the Dinamo Complex, near the Grand Park of Tirana.  The former Dinamo Complex was a reception center for Kosovar citizens during the  Kosovo War of 1999.

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