Shkelzen Doli and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra amazed Albanians

The concert is held one day after the traditional yearly concert in Vienna on the 1st of January, which is the most important world cultural event in every New Year. Shkelzen Doli is a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra of Albanian origin, and he managed to bring in Tirana 36 artists from Austria to perform in Tirana and to entertain the Albanian public with some of the best pieces of classical music, mainly from Strauss, the Austrian family of composers. The hall of the Palace of Congresses was full, and the tickets were sold out for two days. Albania hosted such an event for the first time, so the interest was high. Albanian Public Television broadcast the concert to a huge audience of Albanian citizens and the diaspora. For over 2 hours, the orchestra played well-known music from the best composers. But the most beautiful part was the combination of some Albanian folk parts and beautiful clips of Albanian nature and culture, like “Baresha,” “Arbereshes time,” and Albanian Soul, a mix of Albanian folk motives from south Albania.

The concert culminated when Doli offered orchestra members hats of national folk costumes from all over Albanian-speaking territories and a glass of Raki. The orchestra then started playing Blue Danube, wearing these hats.

Doli promoted this concert and his Albanian origin all over the World. The violinist wrote on his social profile about the huge emotions for this concert. Doli is visiting Albania and Kosovo very often. One year ago, he gave a concert in Kosovo. But for the concert in Tirana, he chose a symbolic moment, the first days of January, to bring here the atmosphere of the Vienna Concert. This concert was highly appreciated and applauded by Albanians. The ballet dancer Eno Peçi, an Albanian artist and soloist of the Vienna State Opera, was also invited and performed on stage.

Albania has many talented artists playing, singing, or performing worldwide. They make good ambassadors of our country wherever they live and develop their artistic career.

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