Hydro-Turbine laboratory turned into a modern Theater

Rama Government decided to turn this building into a new Theater to give more spaces for the artists to play and to expand the cultural life of the city. Tirana is now a rapidly growing city. The population is bigger so there is always a need for more cultural spaces and events. The number of tourists is higher, and all are “hungry” for more events in Tirana during their stay.

At the opening ceremony, The Minister of Culture said that she is happy, noting that currently, culture is taking priority in our lives and the maximum attention of the government. At the same time the public seems very interested and is engaged in all the debates regarding cultural institutions.

Tirana is changing. 571 monuments have been restored and rehabilitated in recent years. The operations continue to save and preserve the cultural heritage in danger in the country. There are four new museums opened lately all over Albania”, prime minister said.

PM Rama promised that other projects already on his table aim to boost cultural life not only in Tirana but everywhere in the country.

The new theatre has two stages, one with 400 seats and other with 150 seats. The building offers the best technology for stage performances and shows. There are also spaces for exhibitions, and one of them was opened on the first day, showing some works of young artists with a collection of bags in the form of teapots and cups.

We are looking forward to the calendar of events and shows that will take place in the new theatre and publishing them for our readers at the Visit Tirana’s database of events.

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