Events on 550th death anniversary of Skanderbeg

While you enter the museum, you hear the ring of an old bell all the time as music. The bell is the main object of the exhibition, called the Bell of Karpen, which is placed in the center of the Hall, which dates to 1465. Another important object is the map of Arberia, a former Albanian state, before the Osman invasion. There are presented all the Albanian Principates, with their emblems and logos… All these autonomous principates were joined under the command of Skanderbeg to fight the Ottomans. This exhibition will be open until the 30th of January, and entry is free.

Another modern exhibition was opened at midday at the Palace of Congresses.

At the entrance of the Palace of Congresses, you see the logo of “The Year of Skanderbeg”. Most of the objects inside this exhibition belong to ancient articles published in the XV-XVII century dedicated to Skanderbeg. Albanian newspapers and the media worldwide wrote about the hero of Albanians at that time. These documents belong to different authors and are presented in this exhibition only for this occasion. There, you can also find portraits and paintings dedicated to Skanderbeg. The entrance to the Palace of Congress exhibition is free, too.

The third activity is held at the National Bank of Albania, where this institution decided to release a commemorative series of coins under the theme “550 years in memoriam Gjergj-Kastrioti Skenderbeu 1468-2018”. The special series consists of three coins: Lek 200 coins in gold, Lek 100 in silver, and Lek 50 nickel coins.

Many other activities will be held during the year for Skanderbeg, which culminated on 28th of November, 2018

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