Enjoying Snow in Tirana

Every citizen can reach the snow, even by bus or car, while the Cable Car ticket costs almost 10 euros. People tend to go to Mountain Dajti for a weekend break in the snow on weekends.

Playing with snowballs is the favorite activity for most, especially families with children, while groups of climbers practice their skills in the mountains covered by snow. There are some excellent restaurants and bars where you can drink something hot or taste a good traditional lunch, such as Ballkoni I Dajtit, Panorama, or Gurra e Perris, which are some of the restaurants in the area.

People who want to stay a night and enjoy the mountainous areas can sleep at the Tower Belvedere Hotel or other smaller hotels.

The prices are good, compared to the same areas in other countries. But there are no alternatives for winter sports, such as skiing in Dajti Mount. The only activity is to play with snowballs, make a snowman, and walk among beautiful trees covered with white coats.

It is a good opportunity for Tirana citizens and tourists to see some snow every year. A daily tour can cost a person from 10 euros- to 50 euros, including a ticket, a drink, fast food, or a good lunch. It depends on how much a person wants to spend.

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