Dajti Adventure Park, the newest attraction in Tirana

The park is a joint private investment by Italian and Albanian companies. Inspired by the greenery surroundings and numerous possibilities for entertainment that the national park offers, it is considered an excellent investment as it is the first park of this kind in Albania.

Dajti Cable Car is already one of my favorite attractions in Tirana because it offers a spectacular view and a lovely ride up to the mountain. Located just outside the city, Dajti cable car makes the longest cableway in the Balkans. This new addition gives Dajti Ekspress everything for a perfect weekend trip. Dajti Adventure Park expects to attract both adventurous people and families since the park provides entertainment for kids and adults.  Activities such as zip lining and passing through rope bridges are considered moderate and can be enjoyed by most ages.

Mount Dajti National Park (1,611m above sea level) is easily accessible from the city, just 25 km to its east. The cable car station is just 20 minutes by car or bus from the center of Tirana, and from there, one can take a ride for a beautiful experience. In just 15 minutes, you find yourself at the top of the mountain, enjoying panoramic views of the city, villages, forests, the sea, traditional houses, and quirky idiosyncrasies such as bunkers. The trip can be completed now with a visit to the adventure park for a couple of hours and a tasty lunch in the traditional restaurant there.

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