A visit to the ‘abandoned’ Botanic Garden

Some 2,000 species of Albanian origin and exotics have been growing here. But currently, data are unavailable on how many species are still cultivated here or about the exact surface area of the garden, as many apartments blocks have been built within its boundaries.

But still, the Botanic Garden enchants you with the fragrance of flowers. It is a great place to spend weekends with family and friends, with a minimum ticket cost of only 50 cents per person. It is most frequented for couples who prefer wedding/engagement photo shooting amid the green area of this place.

Last year, the Municipality of Tirana presented the master plan for connecting the Botanical and Zoological Gardens, to create a great space and open for visitors at any time. Rehabilitation of the Botanical and Zoo area and the number of visitors in Tirana are expected to increase.

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