A Colour Day in Colourful Tirana

The most lovable singer, Elvana Gjata, sang her best pop songs in a great atmosphere. People threw colors in the air, playing and having fun with each other.

A bag of color powder is provided with the ticket but can also be bought at the festival, along with various merchandise products, like T-shirts and hats.

Everyone enjoyed for some hours getting dirty from their hair to their shoes. It doesn’t matter if you had the most beautiful dress; leaving the square without some added colors to your clothes was impossible. The best thing was that it was washable, so people didn’t care. You couldn’t know even your friends in this colorful spectacle.

It is nice to have such activities in the heart of the Albanian Capital. The best part of course was the music played by the DJ and the songs which the public knew very well, singing with their preferred artists

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